Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter Twelve

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone cannot read this, but if you have an issue with the somewhat adult subject matter remember that you were warned. ENJOY.
Me - Shawn.
He catches me as I start to lose my balance becoming overwhelmed by the many memories flooding my mind.
Our first kiss.
The first time we slept together.
How we would lay and look at the stars together.
The way I would curl up resting my head on his chest.
Shawn - Hayley, are you alright?
Me - I'm fine.
Shawn - No you're not. Hayley what's going on? Is this we're you've been all this time? Just a few towns over?
Me - I-I can't explain right now. You should go.
Shawn - No, talk to me.
Me - I told you, I can't explain right now. If you'll let me,when I can I will but you need to go now.
He just looks at me.
Shawn - Hayley...
I look around quickly to be sure we are alone.
Me - Shawn...
Without thinking I quickly kiss him.
Me - Please love.
I watch him leave before heading back downstairs trying to make myself not think about him and the feel of his touch, still so familiar even after so long.
Me - There you are.
Me - Now, where were we?

I reach the bed before he does, undress and wait for him.
Turner - I want to talk to you.
Me - You want to talk
Me - Because I can think of some other things we could be doing.
Turner - As can I, my beauty, but first...
He runs his hand upward along my body making me quiver and then to my surprise as he reaches my neck he touches my slave collar and fingers release. 
Turner - There.
Casting the collar aside he kisses my newly exposed neckI moan before regaining sense enough to speak.
Me - My collar, what are you doing?
Turner - What you've wanted.
O_O I had suspected, but now I'm sure. I can hear my voice shake and pull away nervously.
Me - Y-you know?
Turner - I don't care though. Even knowing your intentions, how could I not fall for such an amazing young woman?
Sliding of the bed, I slip back into my dress.
Me - How long?
Turner - How long?
Me - How long have you known?
He doesn't say, he doesn't have to.
Turner - That doesn't matter now. What matters is how I feel.
Me - You've known all alongYou played alongWhy? Just so you could sleep with me?
Turner - Would you rather I had punished you for attempting to trick me?
Me - So you admit it then?
He looks away for a moment before looking back.
Turner - YesAt first that's why I allowed it, but as I said that no longer matters. It doesn't change how I feel now or that you've still gotten what you wanted. I love you, I can't keep you here against your will.
Turner - You can leave if you truly wish, but I would like you to stay. Hayley say you'll stay with me?


  1. This just gets better and better! Loved it! Can't wait to see her decision!


  3. SHE'S FREE!!! YAY! But what about Turner? Does Hayley feel the same way? I hope she comes back :)....for him.

  4. I don't want her to return for Turner... wait yes I do.. no I don't. Gosh he is one you love to hate isn't he?
    Good update.


  5. GO GIRL GO and don't look back. Enjoy your freedom hun!

  6. I think that she should go and clear her head. She needs to be away and see how she really feels!

    So good, Addie!