Friday, September 30, 2011

Chapter Thirteen

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone cannot read this, but if you have an issue with the somewhat adult subject matter remember that you were warned. 
After heading into town and getting some real clothes as well as some other things I wander around not really knowing were to go when I find this place. I remember there was a similar little lookout back homeNow that I finally allow myself to think of the past. I remember a lot of things about home, not all of it is good. Yes I remember the great times with my friends but I also remember my "family"My father worked a lot, but still found time for me, we were everything to each other
Then he met Sarah, my stepmother. Sarah married my dad when I was six, he died two years laterHe had actually been sick for awhile, but none of us knew because he didn't start to show symptoms of anything until earlier that yearShe remarried when I was eleven. Now I could list off so many things I don't like about Sarah, but I will never say she didn't love my father. I will, however, say she didn't love me, but she was the closest thing to a mother I ever had and she was good to me, she just didn't love me. Then again neither did my real mother, she left when I wasn't even a year old. My stepfather, Sarah's husband Lawrence, and I have always had issues not the least of which includes me getting caught stealing. Ironic no? 
Only reason I ever got caught was because I wanted to, what's the point of doing something for attention if no one knows you're doing it? Surprised? How did you think I got these clothes and the other things I needed? I didn't have money. I do now though.
I know without looking it's Shawn who comes and stands behind me touching my shoulder. 
Shawn - If you look far enough you can almost see Valley. 
Me - How did you know I'd be here?
Shawn - I didn't.
I turn and put my arms around his waist.
Me - Why are you here then.
Shawn - Same reason as you. Reminds me of the point. 
Me - Good old Weston Point. It's weird, but I still think of Weston Valley as home. I suppose I should explain now.
Shawn - That can wait.
He slips his arms up around me and I do the same. Our lips touch, pressing together softly while his hand stokes my face and hair. 
After breaking the kiss, I open my eyes and smile at him.
Holding my hand he leads me to a bench not far from where we were standing. Sitting down, he slips an arm around me.
Shawn - Now you can explain.
So I do. I tell him everything.
Shawn - Oh my. A lot of people think you ran away. I never believed that though.
Me - If I had planned on running away, you would have known about it... and hopefully I wouldn't have gone alone.
Shawn - Of course.
Me - Well I couldn't be sure, you actually like your family.
He laughs, God how I missed that sound.
Shawn - None of that's important nowI have you back and I'll never let anything happen to you.
We pull up to a nice looking apartment building and get out.
Shawn - Hey man, where's your girl?
"In our room. Why? What's up?"
I'm not surprised to recognize the voice of Shawn's best friend, Donny.
Shawn - You'll see, just go get her, 'kay?
Donny - Hey babe, could you come out here a minute?
I walk up next to Shawn, but they don't seem to notice.
Me - Hey love birds, over here.
Donny - HOLY SHIT! Hayley?
Me - Hey Donny. Hey Kitty.
 Kitty - HAYLEY!!!
I'm nearly knocked back by the embrace.
Kitty - Hayley Elizabeth Thomas, where the fuck have you been?
Me - It's a LONG story and since when do you talk to me like that? Hmm Katherine Marie Sharp?
Kitty - Since you disappeared. Long story or not I wanna hear it.
Me - Alright, alright.
So I explain it all again, everything that's happened.

After slipping into my new cami, I lay on Shawn's bed trying to fall asleep when he comes in and softly climbs on next to me. 
Shawn - Are you asleep?
Me - No.
Shawn - Is something wrong? 
I turn and look up into his perfect pure blue eyes
Me - I don't know. I don't ... things aren't the same as they used to be.
Shifting to put my arms around him he wraps an arm around my shoulders and cups my face. 
Shawn - Of course things won't be exactly as they once were, but why do they have to be? I still love you
Me - I didn't ask if you still loved me.
Shawn - I know. Does that mean I'm not allowed to say it? 
I pull him closer and we shift so that he pulls me into a kissIts soft loving and longing all at once. It makes me yearn for the past. 
I climb up onto him and start to remove his bottoms.
Shawn - What are you doing?
Me - Did you really expect to kiss me like that and that would be it? 
I softly kiss his neck.
Me - I haven't been with you in six years Shawn.
Pulling back I slowly remove my cami top and then lean in to whisper lustfully into his ear.
Me -  I want you.

Finally after so long apart, I'm back in the arms of the one I loved.
I shower, dress, and re-braid my hair.
It's a little after noon as I head into the main room.
I've said before I love cooking. I've also said I wasn't good at it before.
Donny - You can cook?
Me - Yes.
Shawn - Hey beautiful. What are you making?
Me - Stir fry.
Shawn - My favorite.
Me - I remember.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter Twelve

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone cannot read this, but if you have an issue with the somewhat adult subject matter remember that you were warned. ENJOY.
Me - Shawn.
He catches me as I start to lose my balance becoming overwhelmed by the many memories flooding my mind.
Our first kiss.
The first time we slept together.
How we would lay and look at the stars together.
The way I would curl up resting my head on his chest.
Shawn - Hayley, are you alright?
Me - I'm fine.
Shawn - No you're not. Hayley what's going on? Is this we're you've been all this time? Just a few towns over?
Me - I-I can't explain right now. You should go.
Shawn - No, talk to me.
Me - I told you, I can't explain right now. If you'll let me,when I can I will but you need to go now.
He just looks at me.
Shawn - Hayley...
I look around quickly to be sure we are alone.
Me - Shawn...
Without thinking I quickly kiss him.
Me - Please love.
I watch him leave before heading back downstairs trying to make myself not think about him and the feel of his touch, still so familiar even after so long.
Me - There you are.
Me - Now, where were we?

I reach the bed before he does, undress and wait for him.
Turner - I want to talk to you.
Me - You want to talk
Me - Because I can think of some other things we could be doing.
Turner - As can I, my beauty, but first...
He runs his hand upward along my body making me quiver and then to my surprise as he reaches my neck he touches my slave collar and fingers release. 
Turner - There.
Casting the collar aside he kisses my newly exposed neckI moan before regaining sense enough to speak.
Me - My collar, what are you doing?
Turner - What you've wanted.
O_O I had suspected, but now I'm sure. I can hear my voice shake and pull away nervously.
Me - Y-you know?
Turner - I don't care though. Even knowing your intentions, how could I not fall for such an amazing young woman?
Sliding of the bed, I slip back into my dress.
Me - How long?
Turner - How long?
Me - How long have you known?
He doesn't say, he doesn't have to.
Turner - That doesn't matter now. What matters is how I feel.
Me - You've known all alongYou played alongWhy? Just so you could sleep with me?
Turner - Would you rather I had punished you for attempting to trick me?
Me - So you admit it then?
He looks away for a moment before looking back.
Turner - YesAt first that's why I allowed it, but as I said that no longer matters. It doesn't change how I feel now or that you've still gotten what you wanted. I love you, I can't keep you here against your will.
Turner - You can leave if you truly wish, but I would like you to stay. Hayley say you'll stay with me?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Chapter Eleven

It's the day of Grant and Rylie's wedding and her, Layla, and I change upstairs. They used to be good friend, Layla and Rylie, that's how Layla met Ian, but even then they're friendship was starting to fall apart and the events since hadn't helped, but now they're trying. Rylie lent me a pair of shoes to go with my dress and has me put my hair up.
Layla - You look stunning. 
Me - Yeah, totally amazing. 
Layla - Uh huh, Grant's one lucky man.
Me - You ready to be Rylie Anderson?
Rylie - YesOh god, I love the sound of that. It sounds.. right. Ya know?
Me - Yea I know.
I do tooWhen I was with Shawn, I remember thinking the same of the name Hayley Berk, though for me it was a fantasy of "maybe someday."
We head to the stairs and Layla goes down.
I listen and wait to reach the bottom, then follow.
We all turn as Rylie ascends down the steps.
Grant brushed his hair so that it would go straight down.
He holds the ring up before slipping it onto her finger.
She does the same.
They clasp hands staring into each other's eyes. 
The kiss is both sweet and passionate.
Grant cuts the cake with Rylie standing close behind her new husband.
As we eat I can't help but think how different Layla looks with her hair down. I never realized it was that long and she's alot younger then I thought for some reason. She's nineteen, three years younger than Rylie, four younger than me.
With everyone, but Ian and Eathon now knowing, there no longer seems to be any point in keeping my relationship with Turner secret.
I place my arms on Turners waist as he cups my face in both hands.
Turner - I don't believe I've ever seen your hair up before.
Me - Well what do you think of it?
Turner - Beautiful, breathtaking.
He pulls me in for a kiss and I respond in kind, wrapping my arms around him and opening my mouth to his tongue without hesitation. Pulling back to catch my breath I'm about to suggest we head to his room when we hear the doorbell go off, which of course I have to get.
Me - Oh come on. I'll be right back.
I run a hand along his shoulder and down his arm my voice and touch suggestive as I pull away.
Though its been so long and he's looking away as I pull open the door I would know him anywhere. He's tan, blonde hair, perfect blue eyes with a cute line of freckles going across his nose. He looks at his hands while talking, a habit of his, and tells me that he just moved to town with a couple friends of his and wanted to great the neighborsI can't help myself and let out a laugh. My giggle gets his attentionHe looks up and I can see it in his face, he recognizes me as instantly as I did him.
Him - Hayley?
Me - Shawn.