Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chapter Eighteen

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone can not read this but if you have an issue with the Very ADULT subject matter remember that you where warned. 
Laura - Oh Adam.
Adam - Shh.
Softly he kisses her again.
The way he holds her... it looks so caring and gentle. Someone else, someone who doesn't know better may think it's just that, but I do know better.
Still locked in a kiss, they turn so now it's his back to me.
Laura - I haven't been kissed like that in so long
Adam - I'd hope not my dear.
My dear? My dear? I don't understand why he's bothering with this charadeHow does she not see through him? I had no trouble tricking her into following me here, but I still thought she was smarter than this. 
Laura - It's getting late, I should go.
Stepping out of his arms she starts to walk towards the door, and towards meSHIT!
Adam - Wait.
He grabs her, again his grip appears gentle. 
Laura - I'm a little tired I should head to bed.
He pulls her back into his arms.
Adam - Don't go. I have a couch in here. You can use my bed. Just, don't go.
Oh, he is good. If I didn't know better... but I do. He's playing her, he has to be, it's Adam. But why? 
Laura - I don't know, you said you don't what the rest of them to know.
Adam - I don't. It's better that way, safer, for both of us. But I don't want you to go either.
He leans in whispering something in her ear before kissing her cheek and I see a slight smile creep across her lips. She leans in putting her arms around him and resting her head on his chest.
Laura - I know. 
She knows? Knows what?
He watches her lie down.
Adam - Sleep well.
I flicks off the lamp before laying down himself.
Clearly I'm not going to talk to her right now, so I head to bed myself.
I climb into bed. The dog who I've just been calling Fluffy Puppy jumps up on Turner's side of the bed. Half asleep I talk to him.
Me - Hey there boy. You're gonna have to get down soon.
Fluffy Puppy settles on the floor next to me as I curl up to Turner.
 Turner props him self up on one elbow as I smooth the bedspread.
Turner - Going somewhere?
Me - Just to take a morning shower.
I smile at him and raise an eyebrow.
Me - Join me.
Removing my cami and bottoms, I discard them in the hamper before heading towards the bathroom. 
Me - You coming?
We press close against one another the water and steam rolling over us and share a passionate kiss.
His lips leave mine and go to my neck
He moves his hands down my back to my hips and along my legs. His voice is low and his breath hot on my skin as he murmurers my name .
 Turner - Hayley.
We both slip down onto our knees.
Me - I love you.
I cup his face and bring his lips to meet mine.
He pushes me back against the floor and stares into my eyes through the water and the steam surrounding us
Turner - What do you want Hayley?
Me - You Turner, I want you.
Returning to his knees he reaches up to turn off the water before putting his hand out for me and bring us both to our feet.
He allows me to gently push him down to the bed and lay myself next to him. 
Climbing on top of him I again put a hand to his face pressing my head to his. My voice is soft and low, a breathy whisper thick with love and desire. 
Me - I love you.
Turner - I love you too.
Me - I want you. I need you.
Me - Make love to me Turner.
He flips me to my back, a hand holding one of my legs as I wrap them around him while his other hand rest firm yet gentle upon my breast.
Within moments he has me gasping and moaning. I bite my finger suppressing a scream, then wrap my legs tighter around him, gripping him with my hands and digging my nails into his flesh. I cling to him lost in our passion, needing something to hold on to as the world slips away and there is only him and me, us
Turner - Hayley.
Me - Oh Turner.
Turner - I never thought it could be like this. Never before have I felt as I do with you.
Breathlessly, practically panting between statements I reply.
Me - Yes! Feels so good. So right. Don't stop, don't ever stop.
There is a difference between having sex and making love, I have slept with Turner before and yet we have never before made love to one another. Together our bodies move as one, no longer bound by the confides of the flesh I give him my heart and soul as well as body, we are one. 
A little while later after finally reaching a point that we lack the energy to continue we lay together and he holds me in his arms. Neither of us speak, there's no need for words.
Eventually upon heading to use the bathroom I find myself dropping down in front of the toilet, throwing up. I haven't had any random tiredness since last night, but wonder if it's connected and again what's wrong with me. 
As I start to stand Turner grabs my arm and waist  helping me up.
Turner - Hayley?
He places his hands on my shoulders and after a moment begins to rub them.
Me - Mmm, that feels nice.
Turner - Are you alright my sweet? Are you sick?
 Stretching my back and rolling back my shoulders, I sight before responding.
Me - I don't know. I'm going to talk to Laura when I get the chance.
Turner - Why talk to her? She's just...
He stops shortI flash a smug smirk raising an eyebrow inquisitively.
Me - Yes?
He looks away clearing his throat and I burst into giggles.
Me - You can say it. She's the slave. I don't mind, I'm the one who picked her to replace me. As for why I would talk to her about this, she told me before I brought her here that she used to be a nurse.
 Leaving the bathroom I glace at the clock and am surprised to still find it morning.
Me - Well I don't know what kind of cook she is but I love to cook and told her I will continue to do so. On that note I best be off to make breakfast. You must be starting after this mornings activities.
Turner - Indeed, and you? I gave you quite the work out as well.
Me - Famished.
He just stares at me a slight smile on his lips and love in his eye.
Turner - I love you. You are just perfect, you know that? Beautiful, young, intelligent, amazing in the kitchen and even better in bed. Sweet and caring yet also devious. How did I get so lucky?
Me - You don't want me to answer that.

Laura does the laundry while I make breakfast.
Me - Good. I need to speak with you and am glad it is alone.
Laura - A-about what?
She seems nervous. Does she suspect, perhaps even know I saw her with Adam? 
Me - Not that. This is about me not you.
I'm teasing, testing.
Laura - Not what? I, I don't know what you're talking about.
Me - Then why do you seem so nervous?
Laura - Well lets see, you tricked me into following you to this, this place and keep me here making me clean for you ,wearing this horrid maids outfit that looks like something out of Playboy. The real question is why wouldn't I be nervous around you
I laugh.
Laura - You're not very nice.
Me - My mother left when I was a baby. My father died when I was a child. My step-mother didn't love me and my step father, the man she remarried, hated me. I was as you are now, the slave, imprisoned and abused for six years. Now to mention growing up a rich beautiful blonde. Of course I'm not nice. I have issues but thats besides the point, thats not what I wanted to talk to you about. You said you used to be a nurse and I haven't been feeling well as of late.
Laura - What's wrong?
Me - You tell me.
Laura - Well what do you mean by not feeling well? What symptoms have you been experiencing? 
Me - Sleepiness, lightheadedness, fainting, and I also threw up.
Laura - Well considering you "issues" I'd say it just sounds like stress
Me - But I'm not under stress anymore, for the first time my life is pretty much perfect.
Laura - That doesn't mean anything, stress isn't always caused by things being bad or hard. The lack of that hectic pressure can still cause your mind and body a great deal of stress because its not what your used to.
Me - Hmm. Anything else? Other then stress?
Laura - Either that or you're pregnant.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chapter Seventeen

Though it's the third night he's stood there watching me, something tells me he won't do so again.  He turns to leave, I know it's now or never.
Me - Don't go. 
He looks over his shoulder.
Turner - You're awake?
I nod even though I'm not sure if he can see me and repeat myself. 
Me - Don't go.
I cross the room wrapping my arms around him from behind.
Me - Please.
 I do care, if I didn't I would just let him walk away
Turner - Hayley.
I can hear the pain in his voice as he moves out of my arms and steps though the doorway before turning to face me. 
Turner - Why did you come back? What are you doing here?
As he speaks he moves farther into the room and I follow.
Me - Isn't it obvious?
Turner - You should leave.
Me - Haven't we had this conversation before? 
Turner - Why did you come back?
Me - Because I felt guilty. Because I'm not my mother. I've always hated her, not for leaving me, but for how she hurt my father. I couldn't bare the thought that I had done the same to you.
Turner - You came back out of guilt
Me - My stepmother is the one who made me see the parallel. She asked me if I thought my mother ever felt guilty. I said no, because she didn't care. But I do feel guilty
Turner - So you've said.
Me - Don't you get it? I said that I don't think my mother ever felt guilty about leaving us BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T CARE! I do feel guilty because I do care. I care about you. After I left, I went back to my past boyfriend, we had never broken up. But I just didn't feel the same as I used to, and I did everything to try to fix that, everything, but nothing changed the fact I didn't belong with him anymore. If I ever belonged with him I don't anymore because I belong with you
I start to cover my mouth realizing what I've just said but then stop my self as I realize the truth of it.
Me - I belong with you Turner.  I see that now. I know it's late but please, please tell me its not too late. 
He'd had his back to me but upon my saying I belong with him he looked back at me and as I finished walked over to me.
Turner - You think you belong with me?
Me - I know I do. I'm sorry I hurt you.
Turner - It's not as though I have not done wrong by you as well.
Me - I don't want to think of that, it no longer matters. 
Turner - Yes, let the past, just be the past. 
He kisses me sweetly and softly, gently holding me against him, his strong hard body a stark contrast to his soft lips.
He holds me for a moment just looking at me before releasing me and stepping back. I blink slowly staggering back .
Turner - Something wrong?
Me - No, just pretty tired all of a sudden. I mean I was a little tried before but...
It happens practically in an instant but seems longer. I stop short feeling my legs give out from under me.

Turner grabs for me and my arms instinctively wrap around his neck, catching me in my fall. 
Turner - Are you okay?
His voice is full of concern.
Nearly completely out of it, I let out a slight groan and he picks me up.
And then the world goes black.
Its a while later I open my eyes,dazed, and find myself in bed, Turner now sleeping by my side. I scoot close next to him putting an arm around him and close my eyes again.

The next morning after dressing I make myself breakfast and sit down to eat. I've informed Laura that I will continue to do the cooking and that she is mostly here to clean. I like to cook and don't know how good a cook she is, but am willing to bet I'm better.

Its gotten dark and Turner invites me outside to look at the stars.
Turner - I wanted you to see this view. 
Me - It's amazing.
We sit together in silence for sometime before I push him back against the ground and move closer to him resting my head on his shoulder. I wordlessly pass it off as just being sweet and romanticWhich it is, but also I'm felling that sudden tiredness again. As I close my eyes I feel him kiss the top of my head.
Turner - Everything alright my beauty? 
Good question.
Me - Mhmm.
A short time later after the slight wave of tiredness had passed, I start to head inside and see this adorable little dog chasing its tail in front of the door.
Me - Well hello there little fella.
Stooping down I let him sniff my hand before petting him.
 Me - Aren't you a cutie?
Turner coming around from back heading inside as well but stops upon seeing me with the dog.
Turner - And whose this?
Me - He doesn't have a collar and I can't feel a chipHe must be a stray.
Turner - Would you like to keep him?
Me - Seriously?
Turner - Of course, he really seems to like youCan't say I blame the little guy.
Me - He does doesn't he?
Before I brought her here Laura mentioned she worked as a nurse, maybe she can tell me why I've been having this sudden waves of exhaustion.

I find her and have to quickly cover my mouth to stop the gasp of shock moving to hide along the wall.