Friday, July 29, 2011

Chapter One

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone can not read this, but if you have an issue with the somewhat adult subject matter remember that you where warned. ENJOY.
My name is Hayley Thomas. I was walking home from school, Weston Preparatory School for Girls, it was raining that day.
His name, I now know, is Eathon Northon, but I usually call him "sir" or something along those lines.
He seemed nice and I suppose compared to some of the others, he is. He had a plan and I never saw them surround me.
The next thing I knew I was in what is called "The Lockdown Room"It's where I'm put when I am punished.
They are a gang of thieves, like out of some old story like Arabian Nights or something. 
I am forced to cook
and clean for them
make their beds 
and do their laundry. I am their slave.
Even though it's been years since I was taken, I still sometimes find myself closing my eyes and covering my ears, blocking it all out, wishing it would all go away, but I know it won't.

There is a house above ground where the lesser thieve have their bedrooms and a bathroom, but really everything goes on down here in the basement. They all eat together, their leader at the head of the table.
I don't eat with them, I don't even eat the same thing as them.
Because I do all the cooking and cleaning, only I use the room with the kitchen and laundry. This is where I live.
I'm allowed to use the shower, but most of the time I chose not to. They never care if I am in there and will come in anyways, but they never come in the room. This is why most of the time I bath myself at the kitchen sink, knowing that perv Adam won't come in just to see me.

The creep is always making moves on me.
He always hits me when I reject him.
To be honest, I prefer a smack in the face to the ass.
Ian, he's just as cruel as Adam, except not a total creep.
Eathon, the one that approached me that day. He's nicer than Ian and Adam. He is the only one, except maybe Grant who doesn't look at me that way. Adam is the only one who touches me, but they all look sometimes.
Then there is Grant, though I know most of their names, his is the only one I use. He is the only one who allows me to call him by name and he is the only one that calls me Hayley.
 And the last of my captors, their leader who is considered the King of Thieves and not just by this group, but by others as well. I don't know his name, I am to call him master. 

They were all at work, so I rush to get my cleaning done before they come back to make more messes.
SHIT! The washing machines broken!!
Now I have to fix it. Probably going to get myself electrocuted, trying to work a machine while covered in water, water all around me, FUCK!
Well it looks like I survived this time. Now to mop up this puddle.
After the entire house and more importantly the "Den" is clean, I work with one of the training dummies while they're still gone. I keep my ears open listening for their return. If I'm caught, I'm in trouble. I need to find away to get away from them, I can't just run for it, I've tried. I think I need them to trust me, but how?