Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chapter Six

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone can not read this but if you have an issue with the very Adult subject matter remember that you where warned. ENJOY.
It's been a few weeks since Grant proposed to Rylie and she moved in. I know you're used to hearing from me more often then that, but there's not much to tell, I cook, I clean, spending most nights in my master's bed, life goes on. I like Rylie, she seems like a decent person and let's me call her by nameI can tell she truly loves Grant.
The wedding is going to be small, but nice. Rylie has had me helping her plan and even requested of the others that I be allowed to wear a nice dress. 
They let her take me with her to get our dresses and to do something  my hair, which has grown out a bit and is a mess from me not really being able to do anything with it. She wants it to look good for her wedding. Arriving back, Rylie went down the stairs head of me 
The den was empty, except for my master.
Rylie - I'm , uh, gonna go find Grant. I hope you had a good time Hayley.
Me - I did Rylie, thank you.
Does she know somehow? The way she was so quick to leave us alone...
We seem to be in unspoken agreement to keep our... involvement hidden, so it is only after Rylie disappears my master has me against the wall and kisses me deeply. With all that he has done to me, taken from me I feel my master is an awful man, but can not deny he is a wonderful kisser.
Me - You like it?
I wrap my body tightly around his-
and he carries me into the treasure chamber that also serves as his living quarters. 
As he lets me down, I look again at the statues, paintings, and other such treasures. They are all familiar even before I was taken, replicas are common and cheap, but the originals are priceless. These are the originals.
Me - Oh Master.
Master Turner.
Me - Hmm?
Master - My name Hayley, is Turner, Turner Benton.
Turner - You can call me that, when we're alone.
I lean into his hand, closing my eyes as he rubs my cheek, but snap them open when the realization hits.
Me -  You called me Hayley.
Turner - I did. 
This is sign, isn't it? That my plan is working, that he's begun to care for me. If I make him love me, he will not wish to keep me here against my will and soon I will be free.
Turner - Join me in the hot tub.
It wasn't an order, but it wasn't a question either.
Me - I don't have anything.
He raises an eyebrow.
Turner - Do you need to?
I climb into the hot tub next to my master, Turner. I move in close to him so that he puts his arm on me and turn to him.
His tongue is hot in my mouth as he kisses me, hungrily, lustfully. I quiver as I feel his hand start to stroke my leg, his fingers brushing along my inner thigh. I raise a suggestive eyebrow and not the slightest surprised that he follows.
I whisper in his ear what I want.
Me - At least to try it once.
I close my eyes as he pulls me towards him holding my body against his.
After a moment, my eyes open and I groan starting to take pleasure in his movements. I can not see him, but I'm sure he is smiling in equal enjoyment.
He has a hand pressed against my breast and I feel his thumb brush across the nipple a couple of times bringing it to attention. His hand moves to the other side repeating until it is hard and pert as well.
Satisfied he runs a single finger along my skin moving his way down and sending a shiver though my body. I gasp in surprised pleasure as his fingers explore and he grunts in reply. We continue like this for some time. 
He stops, wrapping his arms close around me.
Eyes closed, he gently kisses my cheek.
The gesture is surprising and sweet, romantic even. I used to have a boyfriend who would hold and kiss me like this, coming up behind me and covering my eyes, telling me to guess who, then kissing my cheekI don't like Turner reminding me of him, but it also reminds me of my true feelings for my master, the man that stole my life away.
Turning me to face him, he looks into my eyes as he lifts me up and lowers me onto the bed coming down on top of meHe continues to stare into my eyes, bearing down on me as my gasps and moans raise in pitch and volume with each push. I despise, perhaps even hate, him for all he has done to me and taken from me, but god I love his body, the feel of it against mine.
Changing position, I fluff my hair.
Me My turn,
I tease.
Me - I'm gonna make you scream.
He gave me a cocky half smile.
Turner - Oh really now? 
I move tauntingly slow at first running my hands along his hard muscular chest and broad shoulders, pleasing him into letting out a moan before quickening. I move faster making him louder, I am glad the rooms are soundproof. I then start to switch several times between fast and slow teasing him farther. Slowing again I look at him and mange to speak.
Me - Say my name.
He moans.
Me - Say it!
Another moan.
Me - Say my name Turner.
I quicken my movements once again finally coaxing it out of him.
Turner - HAYLEY!!
He screams my name as I collapse onto him breathing heavily. 
Rolling to one side of him I rest my head on his shoulder closing my eyes for a moment while he puts an arm around me. I laugh.
Me -Told you I would make you scream.
He responds with a kiss.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chapter Five

Grant's P.O.V.
I asked the boss what he thought of my plansThings are going to be different.
Making a few stops after work, I was headed home planning to call my girl when I got there. I hadn't decided where I was going to have her meet me, but seeing her at the Bistro, I figure that's as good a place as any.
God, she is just gorgeous.
Grant - Rylie, I was going to call you.
Rylie - Oh?
Grant - Yes. I was going to ask you to meet me somewhere.
Not surprisingly, she laughs
Rylie - I see. Well then since we are here, shall we eat?
Grant - In a moment, but first, I have something for you. 
Rylie - Awe. You are to good to me Grant Anderson.
Grant - Impossible.
Grant - I'm glad that you were here. I have something really important to talk to you about.
It was dark by the time we finished eating
Grant- I love you Rylie. You're my world.
Rylie - Grant I...
Grant - Wait, I'm not done.
Grant - Will you marry me Rylie Taylor?
Rylie - Grant, I don't know what to say.
Grant - I was kind of hoping for yes.
Rylie - Yes, yes Grant, of course.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chapter Four

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone can not read this but if you have an issue with the somewhat adult subject matter remember that you where warned. ENJOY.
  I lay my head on his shoulder in my sleep. I will not deny that I took physical enjoyment in the night, but do not think I care for him. In truth, that could not be more wrong. He is their leader, the great king of thieves, and no one has he stolen more from then me, he took me from my home, from my friends, my family. He took my whole life away.
After waking up, I go and use his shower.
The glass door made a slight sound as he come into the bathroom, I could tell he was looking at me, staring at me. I do not mind, this plays into my plan, I want him to want me.
I finished washing and stepped out of the shower, dripping wet; unclothed, I walk over to give him a kiss.
Me - Good Morning my master. I hope you do not mind.
As I say this, I incline my head towards the shower to show my meaning.
Master - Not at all. 
Climbing out of the hot tub last night, he left a puddle and I can feel his eyes on me again as I mop it up.
Me - You're watching me, aren't you?
Master - Can you blame me?
Me - Not at all.
Master Was this a one time thing?
I smiled suggestively.
Me - That will be up to you.
With that I walk away and after dressing, I start on breakfast.
Later in the day, I work on the treadmill. There are four, but I purposely chose one that is next to the one my master is using.
Going about my cleaning for the day, it isn't until I serve dinner that I see it. Six chair were there, but there were only five people who sat there each night.
I was informed that it has been agreed upon I shall eat with them now.
Later in the night, I wait for my master to go to bed and fall asleep before climbing in beside him.