Monday, August 22, 2011

Chapter Four

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone can not read this but if you have an issue with the somewhat adult subject matter remember that you where warned. ENJOY.
  I lay my head on his shoulder in my sleep. I will not deny that I took physical enjoyment in the night, but do not think I care for him. In truth, that could not be more wrong. He is their leader, the great king of thieves, and no one has he stolen more from then me, he took me from my home, from my friends, my family. He took my whole life away.
After waking up, I go and use his shower.
The glass door made a slight sound as he come into the bathroom, I could tell he was looking at me, staring at me. I do not mind, this plays into my plan, I want him to want me.
I finished washing and stepped out of the shower, dripping wet; unclothed, I walk over to give him a kiss.
Me - Good Morning my master. I hope you do not mind.
As I say this, I incline my head towards the shower to show my meaning.
Master - Not at all. 
Climbing out of the hot tub last night, he left a puddle and I can feel his eyes on me again as I mop it up.
Me - You're watching me, aren't you?
Master - Can you blame me?
Me - Not at all.
Master Was this a one time thing?
I smiled suggestively.
Me - That will be up to you.
With that I walk away and after dressing, I start on breakfast.
Later in the day, I work on the treadmill. There are four, but I purposely chose one that is next to the one my master is using.
Going about my cleaning for the day, it isn't until I serve dinner that I see it. Six chair were there, but there were only five people who sat there each night.
I was informed that it has been agreed upon I shall eat with them now.
Later in the night, I wait for my master to go to bed and fall asleep before climbing in beside him. 


  1. I agree w ~ForeverHailey You did it

  2. Her plan is working! He's falling for her, fast!

  3. Wow he seems to have taken a liking to her. Allowing her to use his facilities like that. And now she's comfortably sleeping in his bed without complaint...maybe she'll get what she wants after all.

  4. what a difference a night makes...