Friday, August 9, 2013

Chapter Twenty Seven

AN: Sorry for not posting in forever, a lot of stuff going on, anyways on with the story and , as always, also I know I said I would no longer put my own warning on the post since blogger if now forcing me to use theirs but on this one I thought it necessary ;)So, as always Enjoy

After Kitty's party the day before Dani had gone with Shawn to his new apartment so that her brother and his new fiancee could have the house to themselves. Getting up the next morning she showered and washed the blue streaks from her hair.
Getting out she re streaked her hair, this time in purple, and applied make up before getting dressed.
Sitting outside she opened her copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, one of her favorites, and finished with rereading it for the third time. 

Later that evening, after dinner, Shawn suggested they through on a movie. They ended up watching, ironically in Dani's opinion, Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix which he hadn't seen in awhile.
Dani - You know in the book they...
Shawn - Yeah.
He nodded, not really listening and trying to watch the movie.
Shawn tried to comfort Dani as she started to cry.
Shawn - Come on, it's alright, it's just a movie.
She jumped up, enraged.
Dani - Just a movie?! This movie is very important to a lot of people, there are people who have said this series saved their life and people who relate to these characters better than they do so called real people...myself included.
Dani - So no, it is not just a movie, Shawn Berk, you insensitive jerk, but you don't care
Shawn - Dani, wait.
Dani - You don't care about how I feel.
She said, lowering her voice to little more than a whisper before he turned her back to face him.
Shawn - Are you done? 
He asked with a slight chuckle, putting his hand to his chin.
Dani - Am I done?! What the hell is the matter with you? Why are you being such an ass all of a sudden? You know everyone thinks you're so nice and so funny and so sweet and so god damn...
Dani - ... Perfect.... What the hell was that?
Shawn - I believe they call it a kiss.
Dani - Are you fucking kidding me? I have liked you since I was ten, ten Shawn, and you kiss me now.
Shawn - me?
Dani - Oh, fourteen years and he finally notices.
Shawn - I'm sorry, Dani, I'm really not perfect and honestly I don't know why people think I am.  I'm a hyper neurotic perfectionist who cares to much what other people think of me, I can't cook to save my life, and I never knew you liked me.
Dani - Why now?
Shawn - What?
Dani - Why now, why kiss me now, why seem to like me back, now? What changed, Shawn?
Shawn - You. I hadn't seen you in years and you come back and suddenly you're not just Donny's little sister anymore you're this women,....
Slowly she smiled
Dani - Shawn
He wasn't listening
Shawn - this brilliant and funny and gorgeous, women
Dani - Shawn, shut up
Shawn - With all the piercings and the tattoo and I don't know, I just...
Dani - Shawn!
Shawn - Yea?
Dani - Shut up and kiss me again.
Shawn - Wha...
Before he could complete his response her lips were on his.
He didn't hesitate to wraps his arms around her, threading fingers through her hair and removing the ties that held her pigtails he swept it to one side, he'd wanted her for months, ever since she came back into his life and now to know she'd felt the same and for years before.
All those years of wanting him, finally coming to a head as he lifted her in his arms, still locked in a deep, passionate kiss.
He sat on the couch with her over him and ran his hands over her shapely body, athletically tone from years of gymnastics. He couldn't believe it when she said they should move to his bedroom.
Shawn - Dani...
He sounded suddenly sounded unsure.
Dani - Shawn.
She replied in a playful mocking tone before switching to a more serious and lustful voice.
Dani - I want you, I've wanted you for years, and now you're mine, at least for tonight, I have you, so let me have you.
He bit his lip before standing up, taking her with him and shifted her weight so dropped and fell back into his arms in a carrying position, making her squeal. 

He had never kissed a girl with a pierced tongue or lip before and when he to a second to actually think about it was pleasantly surpr yised didn't seem to get in the way at all.
As he removed her shirt he had a brief moments thought that this may be moving too fast but there's now way he's stopping now. Not unless she told him to and it didn't seem like that was likely to happen any time soon.
Discarding her shirt to the floor he removed his lips from her, instead kissing along her collar and moving to her breasts.
reaching the supple point of her nipple he closed his eyes as he enveloped it between his lips and heard her moan a moment later as, after multiple soft kisses, he brought her between his teeth delivering a small bite to the fleshy peak. He did this a few more times alternating between biting, sucking and kissing, before switching to the other side and giving it similar treatment.
She rolled forcing him onto his back and straddled him as she quickly rid him of his shirt.
He chuckled, same as before, as he rolled her off of him and started to sit up.
Again she positioned herself over and in front of him, pulling his head back by the hair to reclaim his lips. 
Dani - Jeans,...
She said in a heavy, lustful tone, and nipped his lip. He  nodded,finishing her statement for her.
Shawn - Off, now! 
Accentuating the final word with a firm smack to her rear making her gasp and him raise an eyebrow wondering if he really saw that familiar look in her eye, that slight gleam, or if he only imagined it and knowing there was one way to find outDani, of course was having similar thoughts as she pulled herself away from him.
Dani - Do you...
She started to ask.
Shawn -  Top drawer in the dresser.
Dani - The dresser?
She laughed as she dimmed the lights
Shawn - Nightstand doesn't have drawers.
Closing the dresser drawer she turned to face him before slowly sliding off her jeans and stepping out of them.
Shawn - Now let me look at you.
Dani smirked, loving the authority in his tone.
Dani - Yes sir.
She bite her lip as she displayed herself to him, a wrapped condom in her hand.
Well, I think that answers that, he thought to himself, looking her over. He made a slow twirling motion with this finger telling her to turn around before beckoning her towards him as she turned back.
He stripped off his own jeans before laying back on the bed and she immediately climbed on top of him, opening the condom and slowly rolling down his length, enjoying the feel of him. 
Once she was done, in one swift motion he quickly flipped her to her back and pinned her arms to the bed, looking into her eyes.
She let out a gasp, surprised and extremely aroused by this new side of him.
Dani - I want you, now.
He growled lustfully before attacking her lips as he entered her, as long as they'd wanted each other, admittedly longer for her and not knowing when, if ever, it would happen again, he planned to make this last as long as possible. He released her arms as he began working her body, she quickly wrapped herself around him and it wasn't long before her nails were clawing his back as she gasped and moaned. He sat up, pulling her with him with an arm around her waist and bounced her in his lap, her necklace hitting her chest, as his other hand yanked her head back by her hair, eliciting a loud extended moan.
Shawn - You like that?
He spoke, his lips hover over the flesh of her neck before sucking at her pulse point.
Dani - Awh, Yes!
He stopped sucking to give her a quick nip before speaking again.
Shawn - You like it when I'm rough, when I'm forceful, you want me to bite you and pull your hair?
After several tries she finally manages to say yes.
Shawn - You want me to fucking dominate you?
Dani - Oh fuck! God yes! Please.
Shawn - Yes....?
Dani - Yes sir.
Shawn - Shut up.
Her mouth hung open in silent gasp as her face twisted in pleasure, her eyes locked onto the mirror across the room, watching herself get fucked and she covered her mouth to muffle a scream as she came.
Shawn - Good girl.
He pushed her back down onto the bed and then rolled so she was ontop of him and leaned up on his elbows, hands on her hips.
Shawn - Now it's your turn.
She laughed and shook her head, pinning him back onto the bed with her hands on his chest and earning an excited gasp much like she had made when he pinned her. She rode him to a second climax and her tightening around him brought his own.
Shawn - That was...
Dani - I'm not done with you yet.
She cut him off as she climbed off of him and moved up his chest. She buried his head between her legs leaning back, holding on by his hair, and looking down. She looked into his eyes the entire time as he pleasured her with his tongue eventually making her cum a third and final time.
She throw the condom away before crawling into his arms and closing her eyes .
Dani - Wow, that
Shawn - Yea. Worth the wait?
Dani - Uh huh.
Shawn - Donny's gonna kill me, isn't he?
Dani - Probably, do you care?
Shawn - Not a bit, so worth it.
She giggled softly, snuggling into him and it wasn't long before they both drifted to sleep.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chapter Twenty Six

Since blogger has pretty much forced me to use their content warning I won't be posting my own anymore and I also won't be holding back ;) 

Kitty's POV

It's my birthday. I can feel Donny moving as he wakes up but am not ready to get up myself yet so I keep my eye closed and eventually drift back to sleep
I wake up to Donny leaning against our bedroom wall wearing a cowboy hat and nothing else.
Donny - Happy Birthday.
Kitty - Happy indeed. Haha.
He pulls me into his arms, pressing me against him and I am starting to back us towards the bed when the door swings open.
Dani - I was....
She cuts off as she sees us and starts walking back out of the room backwards.
From the other side of  the  door she gives of the message she had come to deliver.
Dani - Um, breakfast...I made breakfast, it's ready when ever you are.
Once we've heard her walk away Donny gives me a suggestive look.
Donny - Now where were we?
Clearly he doesn't seem to think that being walked in on by his little sister was a mood killer.
Kitty - Later. I'm going to go take a shower, you get dressed, but, ah, keep the hat.
He tips the hat at me with a smirk on his face.
Donny - Yes mam.

After breakfast we headed over to Hayley's new home, she gave us a tour and made me wear this doofy crown but I'll admit I couldn't take my eyes off Donny. You wouldn't think his pierced eyebrow and a cowboy hat would go together but on him it's just so goddamn sexy and paired with that button down shirt... After the tour we had sat down and had lunch, which was just fantastic, somehow, during the time she was....away, Hayley learned to cook.

After we finished eating Hayley started subtly get everyone else from the room, and thought I wouldn't notice. Instead I was so distracted watching her shoo people away I didn't see Donny moving in my direction until he was in front of me, on one knee and my hands went over my mouth.
He took one of my hands in his own .
Kitty - Donny?
He smiled at me, a big dorky grin and look into my eyes.
Donny - Kitty, my beautiful, wonderful, Kitty, I'm not going to do this is a big long speech about how long I have loved you and how much because I'm not that type and I would hope that you know. So I am just going to simply say, Katherine Sharp, will you marry me?
He moved to sit in the chair closest to me, placing something on the table.
I fought back another gasp as I picked up the small red velvet box and opened it, revealing the ring inside.

After telling him yes I quickly went to find Hayley, who, of course, was not far and despite shooing everyone else away had remained just outside the room where she had seen and heard everything.
She still acted somewhat surprised when I showed her the ring, and of course told me how happy she was for us both.
The actual party, if you could really call it that, at my parents house was uneventful. Though my birth mother, Lisa, did seem oddly uncomfortable around my dad, at first I thought it was understandable that she might feel awkward around my adoptive parents but she got along great with my mom.
After the party Shawn and Dani went back to the house while Donny and I went out for a romantic dinner alone.

After we finish eating we're both eager to get home and celebrate our new engagement. By the time we return the house was empty Dani having decided, after the events of the morning to stay the night at Shawn's new apartment.

We barely made it to our bedroom before the clothes started coming off, not that it mattered anymore.
Soon I was left in nothing but the corset I wear for such special nights as he hovered over my, gently caressing my leg.
He gazed at me and raised his eyebrows before kissing me.

Our lips barely left each other as we made love through the night.