Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chapter Twenty Six

Since blogger has pretty much forced me to use their content warning I won't be posting my own anymore and I also won't be holding back ;) 

Kitty's POV

It's my birthday. I can feel Donny moving as he wakes up but am not ready to get up myself yet so I keep my eye closed and eventually drift back to sleep
I wake up to Donny leaning against our bedroom wall wearing a cowboy hat and nothing else.
Donny - Happy Birthday.
Kitty - Happy indeed. Haha.
He pulls me into his arms, pressing me against him and I am starting to back us towards the bed when the door swings open.
Dani - I was....
She cuts off as she sees us and starts walking back out of the room backwards.
From the other side of  the  door she gives of the message she had come to deliver.
Dani - Um, breakfast...I made breakfast, it's ready when ever you are.
Once we've heard her walk away Donny gives me a suggestive look.
Donny - Now where were we?
Clearly he doesn't seem to think that being walked in on by his little sister was a mood killer.
Kitty - Later. I'm going to go take a shower, you get dressed, but, ah, keep the hat.
He tips the hat at me with a smirk on his face.
Donny - Yes mam.

After breakfast we headed over to Hayley's new home, she gave us a tour and made me wear this doofy crown but I'll admit I couldn't take my eyes off Donny. You wouldn't think his pierced eyebrow and a cowboy hat would go together but on him it's just so goddamn sexy and paired with that button down shirt... After the tour we had sat down and had lunch, which was just fantastic, somehow, during the time she was....away, Hayley learned to cook.

After we finished eating Hayley started subtly get everyone else from the room, and thought I wouldn't notice. Instead I was so distracted watching her shoo people away I didn't see Donny moving in my direction until he was in front of me, on one knee and my hands went over my mouth.
He took one of my hands in his own .
Kitty - Donny?
He smiled at me, a big dorky grin and look into my eyes.
Donny - Kitty, my beautiful, wonderful, Kitty, I'm not going to do this is a big long speech about how long I have loved you and how much because I'm not that type and I would hope that you know. So I am just going to simply say, Katherine Sharp, will you marry me?
He moved to sit in the chair closest to me, placing something on the table.
I fought back another gasp as I picked up the small red velvet box and opened it, revealing the ring inside.

After telling him yes I quickly went to find Hayley, who, of course, was not far and despite shooing everyone else away had remained just outside the room where she had seen and heard everything.
She still acted somewhat surprised when I showed her the ring, and of course told me how happy she was for us both.
The actual party, if you could really call it that, at my parents house was uneventful. Though my birth mother, Lisa, did seem oddly uncomfortable around my dad, at first I thought it was understandable that she might feel awkward around my adoptive parents but she got along great with my mom.
After the party Shawn and Dani went back to the house while Donny and I went out for a romantic dinner alone.

After we finish eating we're both eager to get home and celebrate our new engagement. By the time we return the house was empty Dani having decided, after the events of the morning to stay the night at Shawn's new apartment.

We barely made it to our bedroom before the clothes started coming off, not that it mattered anymore.
Soon I was left in nothing but the corset I wear for such special nights as he hovered over my, gently caressing my leg.
He gazed at me and raised his eyebrows before kissing me.

Our lips barely left each other as we made love through the night.


  1. Great post....I can't wait to see where it goes from here.


  2. Well that was some wake up *LOL* ,,,, and now they are getting married :)
    Yay for Kitty and Donny :) Loved his proposal - so real. :)

  3. Wow, what a way to wake up! Yeah, I agree, that cowboy hat is hot on him!

    It was so funny when Dani walked in on them. He was still ready to keep going though! LOL

    I loved how he proposed to her. It really suited his personality, and Hayley was right. Doing in private was better!

    I bet they will have a beautiful wedding.