Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chapter Twenty Four (SEASON TWO)

This blog is rated M for mature readers only, I will not say that anyone can not read this but if you have an issue with the adult subject mater remember that you where warned.
I lay sleeping peacefully in the arms of the man I love.
Why am I dreaming this.
I can't figure out what made me think of it but I'm dreaming of the day Adam apologized to me, when he asked me not to say anything to Kiara. I agree to keep quite but told him Layla might be a different matter.

Adam - Shit...Layla. What am I going to do?
I called her and asked her to come over, not telling her of course that it was to talk to him.
Me - I'll be in my study. Okay,see you.
I sat on my desk so that he could have the chair and that way I was able to watch Natalie in her playpen as well
Me - She'll be here soon
Adam - Thank you,Hayley.
Me - Can I ask you something?
Adam - Hmm?
Me - What did was it, what did you have on her or what did you do or say for her to...
Adam - I threatened her. Her life...and Ian's. I said that I didn't like him and...and that I had plans for him she might be able to convince me against. She pretended not to know what I meant so I told her and that's when I threatened her too. She did it for him, He doesn't care,he just.. 
He stopped short as the door started to open.
She walked in and immediately glared at him. 
Layla - What's He doing here?
Adam - I need to talk to you and...
Layla - And what? I don't want to hear it. I don't care what you have to say, I'm not going to let you threaten me anymore. 
Me - You have let him talk...just listen.
Layla - Hayley, I can't believe you set me up,why are you helping him, after he's done, the way he's treated both of us?
I couldn't say anything at for a moment after what I he had said. She had a point too, but not only did I actually believe him when he said he's at least trying to change, I also have my own reasons for not wanting Kiara to find out.
Me - If you let him explain you'll understand.
Layla - Yeah right
Adam - Layla, I don't want to threaten you, I never would done it anyways. I've done a lot of things but...but please just let me talk,I need you to listen to me
Layla - Well...No.
Me - Layla you need to listen to him.
Layla - Fine. 
Adam - It's a little of a long story.
Layla - Then give me the short version. The less time I'm around you the better.
Adam - Alright, well, did you see the girl cleaning in the other room?
Layla - The new slave?
Adam - Yes,the new...slave.
For a second I saw the old anger start fall over him but then he calmed himself and a moment later he was smiling.
 Adam - Her name is Kiara...
 Adam -  I had just turned fourteen and she was about to be thirteen when we met and it was a year after that I told her I liked her and we where together then,until just after I turned eighteen. Her foster parents didn't like me and they sent her off to some school to get her away from me. She's the love of my life,my everything, literally, my mother left when I was too and lets just say I wasn't exactly close to my father so I didn't have family and we didn't have money so I didn't have much in way of possessions. All I had was her and then they sent her away and I had nothing. At first I was numb, unable to feel anything or care about anything. It changed me, I had been a good guy back then, hard as that is to believe but losing her, it made me cold and hard.
Layla - I should care why?What does this have to do with anything?
Adam - After the things I did to both of you, I finally realized just how far I'd gone from who I wanted to be, and now I have her back and even more I, I just want to be me again. Layla, would you please not say anything to her? I can't lose her again.
She laughed at him.
Adam - Layla,please...there has to be something, anything,I can do to convince you not to tell?
While Layla is not as bad as I originally thought she is still quite capable of being cruel when she wants and the look that crossed her face at the moment could be considered nothing less then spiteful and vindictive.
Adam - Anything...
Again she laughed.
Layla - Beg... On your knees. 
Me - Layla!
He looked at me.
Adam - No...I deserve that.... Layla, please, please don't say anything to her. I hope you never understand what its like to only have one thing, one person, worth caring about in your entire life...and then to have them ripped away from you. I'm not asking you to forgive me, just don't say anything, please.
Layla - I'll think about...
Me - Think about this...losing her is what made him the way he was, now he's trying to change but if she finds out he'll lose her again. Why would you want to cause the one thing that could make him like that again? Forget about him, why would you want to do that to yourself?
Like I said, I have my own reasons for not wanting her to find out.

Opening my eyes in a daze I smile, pulling myself closer to Turner before closing my them and drifting back to sleep.

I feel the cool water run over me waking me up before I turn it up.
Turner - Good morning my sweet.
Me - Good morning.
Turner - Like some company?
Me - Of course.
Me - Could you get my back?
He runs his hands gently over my back and shoulders.
He wraps his arms around me and I lean into him. Kissing my head he whispers in my ear.
Turner - I love you.
Me - I love you too.
I turn myself about in his arms to deliver a passionate kiss. His hands travel down my body as he gently moves me towards the shower wall.
His lips move from my mouth to my neck allowing a to soft moan escape my lips.
I cling to him as he lifts my legs and pulls me against him
Me - Make love to me Turner.
Turner - Gladly.
He pulls me even closer to me and in a moment I feel him. Our bodies become one as we share in ultimate pleasure.

Later, I sit in the cab on the way to meet up with Kitty.
 We meet up to hang out just the two of us at least once a month.
Me - So your birthday's coming up, you excited?
Kitty - Of course I am...
Me - Then why don't you seem like it?
Kitty - It's just...
Me - Yeah?
Kitty -  Donny and I have been together for so long now...
Me - And?
Kitty - And I still just his girlfriend. I love him but I can't keep doing this if it's not going anywhere. I just can't.
Me - I don't know what to say Kitty, but if you love him you shouldn't give up on that. At least wait until after your birthday, you don't want go though a break up before your birthday.
I can't tell her what I know, that Donny plans to propose on her birthday.

After leaving Kitty I take the half hour ride to my childhood home in Weston Valley to visit Sarah.
We have a much better relationship than when I was younger and make an effort to spend time together. My father would want that.
I come over about once a week and make dinner for the both of us.  
Sarah - You didn't bring Natalie?
Me - Not this time.
Sarah - Are you leaving after dinner ?
Me - I usually do.
Sarah - I was hoping you'd stick around. I need to talk to you about something...
There's something about her tone. I don't think I'll like what I'm about to hear.
Me - So what do you want to talk about?
Sarah - I...
Me - Sarah?
She looks down, away from me, and sighs.
Me - Sarah? What is it?
Sarah - I'm sorry Hayley, that we never had the relationship we could have, and should have had, when you where younger.
Me - But that was my fault, I can see now what brat I was. I acted out and I never appreciated the things you did for me or that you did care for me even if not loving me.
Sarah - But I should have loved you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I let my bitterness keep me from...
I cut her off.
Me - Bitterness? When where you ever bitter?
Sarah - I guess I've hid it well but Hayley I can't have children of my own, I know I should have been grateful that I got to have you, and I was, but a part of me resented the fact that you're not my own and just as you were a constant reminder to Lawrense of how much I had loved your father you also reminded me that he had loved your mother. That despite what she did a part of him always would. I couldn't being myself to love you, because, as much as you hate her you're a part of her and...and I'm sorry Hayley, I'm sorry.
Me - Oh Sarah...
Sarah - I wanted to say that...while I could.
Me - W-what ,what do you mean?
Sarah - I have breast cancer, it had it before, it's why I've never had kids. They caught it early enough when I was younger but.... 
Sarah -My chances aren't good Hayley.
I start to cry, Sarah and I have finally gotten somewhat close in the past yew years.

Once I calm myself enough,I head home and go to find Turner. He's not in the rest of the house so I head to our room but still don't see him.
Me - Where are you?
Turner - Hot tub.
I climb in next to him and he looks over to me.
Turner - Something wrong beautiful? You look upset.
 Me - I visited Sarah today. She, told me that she....
I start to cry again thinking about it.
Turner - What is it?
Me - She has breast cancer, and she said her chances aren't good. She could be dying Turner. We've only just now gotten closer,though she never loved me I understand that now, I understand why she couldn't, she explained it and apologized. We finally understand each other. She's the only mother I've ever known, the closest I've ever had, I can't lose her, I just can't. I already lost my father, I can't lose her too.
Turner -  I wish I could tell you that  she'll by alright and everything will be okay but I can't, I don't know that. What I can do is be strong for you, I'm sorry that you have to go threw this but you know I'm here for you.
With that, he lifts me onto his lap and holds me as I continue to cry,stroking my hair. He wipes away my tears and kisses my face.
Turner - Don't cry.
He starts to kiss my neck and I shift  and tilt my head.
Me - Ooh.
He inhales deeply, smelling my skin and hair before whispering in my ear.
Turner - Lets move to the bed.
Me - Mhmm.

We settle onto the bed and he takes my hand in his
He raises my hand to his lips and kisses it gently, then my wrist.
He trails kisses along my arm before laying me back.
He pushes my hair aside and cups my face.
 Turner -  I hate to see you so sad, I'm going to try to make it better.
I couldn't help but laugh.
Me -  Oh? You gonna make me feel good?
Turner - Just lay back.
I shake my head and gently push him off,climbing on top of him. I'm still hurting about Sarah but this frives me in my passion even more, I need him, I need his love.
Me - I'm not going to let you have all the fun.
He laughs and flashes that cocky little smirk I love.
Turner - Really now?
Me - Really.
I tilt his head and kiss him and bite his lip as I pull away.
Turner - Let me take care of you.
He starts to kiss my breast, flicking at the hard tips with his tongue and biting.
Me - Mmmm.
Turner - You like that, don't you?
Me - Yea...
He lays me down again and holds himself above me, scaring into my eyes.
Me - Are we done with our little game of back and forth?
Turner - That depends....
Me - Turner...
He laughs and in spite of myself I do too.
Turner - You want it bad, don't you?
Me - God yes. Now stop teasing. I want it Turner, I want it now.
 Turner - As you wish my dear.
In one quick motion he is inside of me.
Holding my leg he slowly pushes deeper as I wrap the other around him tightly and use it to pull him even closer to me. 
Me - Ooh, Turner you're incredible.
 Turner - Not as good as you sweet heart.
Me - Yes, you're a beast.

I bite my finger,moaning, not wanting to scream.
Turner - Do have any idea how hot you look when you do that?
Me - Yea?
Turner - Yes, you sexy little goddess.
Me - Oooh Turner.