Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chapter Five

Grant's P.O.V.
I asked the boss what he thought of my plansThings are going to be different.
Making a few stops after work, I was headed home planning to call my girl when I got there. I hadn't decided where I was going to have her meet me, but seeing her at the Bistro, I figure that's as good a place as any.
God, she is just gorgeous.
Grant - Rylie, I was going to call you.
Rylie - Oh?
Grant - Yes. I was going to ask you to meet me somewhere.
Not surprisingly, she laughs
Rylie - I see. Well then since we are here, shall we eat?
Grant - In a moment, but first, I have something for you. 
Rylie - Awe. You are to good to me Grant Anderson.
Grant - Impossible.
Grant - I'm glad that you were here. I have something really important to talk to you about.
It was dark by the time we finished eating
Grant- I love you Rylie. You're my world.
Rylie - Grant I...
Grant - Wait, I'm not done.
Grant - Will you marry me Rylie Taylor?
Rylie - Grant, I don't know what to say.
Grant - I was kind of hoping for yes.
Rylie - Yes, yes Grant, of course.


  1. oh my i cant wait to see what happens nexts

  2. Awe! Grant's gonna get married! :D

  3. She seems like a nice girl, but I have a bad feeling that it might not work out!

  4. Wow, good for Grant. I wonder though what this might mean for his place on the team. Does Rylie know what he does for a living? Does she know that he helped kidnap a woman and is holding her captive in his basement? If so then I question her person too. But otherwise good for them. Since he seems to be one of the only decent people towards Hayley maybe she and Rylie would be close too.

  5. um so Grant has a life outside of the basement where he holds an innocent woman captive. Ok so does Rylie know he is a thief and he keeps a slave? interesting...very very interesting