Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chapter Seventeen

Though it's the third night he's stood there watching me, something tells me he won't do so again.  He turns to leave, I know it's now or never.
Me - Don't go. 
He looks over his shoulder.
Turner - You're awake?
I nod even though I'm not sure if he can see me and repeat myself. 
Me - Don't go.
I cross the room wrapping my arms around him from behind.
Me - Please.
 I do care, if I didn't I would just let him walk away
Turner - Hayley.
I can hear the pain in his voice as he moves out of my arms and steps though the doorway before turning to face me. 
Turner - Why did you come back? What are you doing here?
As he speaks he moves farther into the room and I follow.
Me - Isn't it obvious?
Turner - You should leave.
Me - Haven't we had this conversation before? 
Turner - Why did you come back?
Me - Because I felt guilty. Because I'm not my mother. I've always hated her, not for leaving me, but for how she hurt my father. I couldn't bare the thought that I had done the same to you.
Turner - You came back out of guilt
Me - My stepmother is the one who made me see the parallel. She asked me if I thought my mother ever felt guilty. I said no, because she didn't care. But I do feel guilty
Turner - So you've said.
Me - Don't you get it? I said that I don't think my mother ever felt guilty about leaving us BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T CARE! I do feel guilty because I do care. I care about you. After I left, I went back to my past boyfriend, we had never broken up. But I just didn't feel the same as I used to, and I did everything to try to fix that, everything, but nothing changed the fact I didn't belong with him anymore. If I ever belonged with him I don't anymore because I belong with you
I start to cover my mouth realizing what I've just said but then stop my self as I realize the truth of it.
Me - I belong with you Turner.  I see that now. I know it's late but please, please tell me its not too late. 
He'd had his back to me but upon my saying I belong with him he looked back at me and as I finished walked over to me.
Turner - You think you belong with me?
Me - I know I do. I'm sorry I hurt you.
Turner - It's not as though I have not done wrong by you as well.
Me - I don't want to think of that, it no longer matters. 
Turner - Yes, let the past, just be the past. 
He kisses me sweetly and softly, gently holding me against him, his strong hard body a stark contrast to his soft lips.
He holds me for a moment just looking at me before releasing me and stepping back. I blink slowly staggering back .
Turner - Something wrong?
Me - No, just pretty tired all of a sudden. I mean I was a little tried before but...
It happens practically in an instant but seems longer. I stop short feeling my legs give out from under me.

Turner grabs for me and my arms instinctively wrap around his neck, catching me in my fall. 
Turner - Are you okay?
His voice is full of concern.
Nearly completely out of it, I let out a slight groan and he picks me up.
And then the world goes black.
Its a while later I open my eyes,dazed, and find myself in bed, Turner now sleeping by my side. I scoot close next to him putting an arm around him and close my eyes again.

The next morning after dressing I make myself breakfast and sit down to eat. I've informed Laura that I will continue to do the cooking and that she is mostly here to clean. I like to cook and don't know how good a cook she is, but am willing to bet I'm better.

Its gotten dark and Turner invites me outside to look at the stars.
Turner - I wanted you to see this view. 
Me - It's amazing.
We sit together in silence for sometime before I push him back against the ground and move closer to him resting my head on his shoulder. I wordlessly pass it off as just being sweet and romanticWhich it is, but also I'm felling that sudden tiredness again. As I close my eyes I feel him kiss the top of my head.
Turner - Everything alright my beauty? 
Good question.
Me - Mhmm.
A short time later after the slight wave of tiredness had passed, I start to head inside and see this adorable little dog chasing its tail in front of the door.
Me - Well hello there little fella.
Stooping down I let him sniff my hand before petting him.
 Me - Aren't you a cutie?
Turner coming around from back heading inside as well but stops upon seeing me with the dog.
Turner - And whose this?
Me - He doesn't have a collar and I can't feel a chipHe must be a stray.
Turner - Would you like to keep him?
Me - Seriously?
Turner - Of course, he really seems to like youCan't say I blame the little guy.
Me - He does doesn't he?
Before I brought her here Laura mentioned she worked as a nurse, maybe she can tell me why I've been having this sudden waves of exhaustion.

I find her and have to quickly cover my mouth to stop the gasp of shock moving to hide along the wall.


  1. I think the little dog is so cute, Love the picture you got of them. I'm excited to see the next chapter. I think I have a idea why Haley is fainting. He He. Loved it.

  2. I told you I still don't like him :[ but hooray for Hayley and Turner!!!!

  3. Awesome post. Can't wait to find out what happens next.

  4. She must be pregnant!

    Adam and Laura! I hope he's not forcing her to have a relationship with him!