Friday, September 23, 2011

Chapter Ten

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone can not read this, but if you have an issue with the somewhat adult subject matter remember that you where warned. ENJOY.
(Turner's P.O.V.) 
(Yes, you read that right :p)
 God I could just kill him. I've never liked Adam, none of us doHe has been tolerated until now, but this can not go unpunished.
Turner - Adam. Come into my room, I need to speak with you.
Grant throws a glare at Adam.
Grant - What did you do?
With the exception of Grant, who is one of few people I would consider a friend, it is a known fact among my men that I never call one of them into my quarters, unless it is disciplinary.
Though I kept a calm tone while in the main room, the moment the door closes I allow my temper to take control as I slam him against the wall. 
Turner - Tell me right now why I shouldn't kill you for this.
Adam - Because no matter what you think of me as a person I'm a damn good thief, and you don't want to have to try replace me.
He's right, but that doesn't help his case any, it only serves to anger my further.
Turner - True enough. Though I've told you in the past that I wouldn't tolerate such behavior. I'll let you live this time, but you even think of touching Hayley again and you're as good as dead. Am I understood?
Adam - Hayley? I don't believe this. You actually care for that little vixen, don't you? I thought you were smarter than this. Don't you see what shes doing? Do you think she cares? How can you not know, don't you see it? She's playing you.
I snapYes, I knowI don't care. I slam the heel of hand square between his eyes. The area around the eyes darkens instantly, though it will take a while for the blood to flow from his nose. 
He screams with the pain covering his face with both hands once I no longer pin his arms and shoulders to the wall
Turner - And I've told Ian of your little "arrangement" with Layla, which is now over as well unless want me to call you in here again. Now out of my sight.
I find her on her knees, crying again. I know I shouldn't have left her alone, but he needed to be dealt with.
I go to her, turning off the water, and bring her to her feet pulling her into my arms.
How did this happen? Of course I know of her plans. I swore to myself I wouldn't fall for it, for her, but I have. I carry her, holding her gently.
Turner - I'll get you're clothes when they're ready. I'm sure you won't want to go back in there so soon.
I force myself not to laugh at the surprised look she gives me as I set her down on the bed, as it is I smile.
Hayley - I would almost think you understand.
Turner - Perhaps I do. Do you remember me mentioning Lisa?
Hayley - No.
Turner - One night she was walking home alone and it had gotten dark.
Turner - She didn't see the two men following her.
Turner - One man grabbed her from behind putting a hand over her mouth. He told her not to scream or they'd kill her.
Hayley - Oh my.
Turner - Once he was sure she wouldn't call out, he uncovered her mouth adjusting his grip as the other man come around in front of her.
Turner - The first man held her still while the other raped her. When she made it home, she wouldn't talk to anyone, though she did eventually go to the police. When she did finally talk to someone it was to me, we were real close then.
I bring Hayley close into my arms.
Turner - In a sense, I do understand. I've seen it before. This isn't the first time this type of thing has happened to someone I care about.
I bring her hand up and kiss it while saying this last part watching her closely as I do so.
Before she can react, I continue my story
Turner - In the weeks that followed, Lisa had admitted to me once or twice that she had thought of killing herself, but said she would never actually do it. I believed her, no matter what I couldn't see her doing that.
Turner - Then one day, I found her passed out on the floor of the bathroom with a bottle of pills in her hand.
Hayley gasps and I again have to stifle a laugh, it's so cute.
Turner - I called for help and then dropped to the floor and held her. It's one of the few time I'll admit to having cried, thinking I would lose Lisa, my sister. Luckily that didn't happen, I had found her in time and she survived.... and so did the baby. She did it because she found out she was pregnant. Our mother suggested she abort the baby, but she refused and gave it away when it was born. 
Hayley - I understand why she did it, but...
Turner - But? 
Hayley - My mother left when I was a baby and the girl that was my best friend had been adopted. I understand why Lisa gave up her baby, but I could never do that. I know what it's like, knowing your own mother didn't want you. 
 She looks so sad, so hurt. I never knew, even before we brought her here, her life wasn't an easy one.  I haven't made it any easier, but I want to. I kiss her sweetly, pressing my lips to hers ever so softly.
It surprises me when she pushes me back kissing intently.
Turner - Are you sure? I don't want to do more than you're ready for, too soon.
She responds by kissing me again.


  1. AWE! I knew Turner loves her. :3 I can't wait for more. :D


  2. Love it Addy.... I have a feeling Lisa's lost baby will become part of our cast. Can't wait.


  3. <3 Your story is amazing! <3 I can't get enough of it!

  4. I can't believe Turner didn't do more to Adam but Hayley surprises me the most. After being raped I don't understand how or why she would want to sleep with someone right after. Her emotional distress must not have been so bad unless she just thinks this is easier to get her out of the house. I don't know. It's interesting that Turner knew she was playing him from the start though. Perhaps he wanted to see just how far she'd go.

    1. Generally the post reaction we see from a rape victim on tv and in other stories and such is the fear of being close to someone or being touched by really different woman react different ways. With Hayley while yes she was scared more so she felt violated and used and she's really starting to believe that, though he has yet to say it, Turner loves her and that's what she felt she needed in that moment, being with him then made her feel loved.