Monday, September 26, 2011

Chapter Eleven

It's the day of Grant and Rylie's wedding and her, Layla, and I change upstairs. They used to be good friend, Layla and Rylie, that's how Layla met Ian, but even then they're friendship was starting to fall apart and the events since hadn't helped, but now they're trying. Rylie lent me a pair of shoes to go with my dress and has me put my hair up.
Layla - You look stunning. 
Me - Yeah, totally amazing. 
Layla - Uh huh, Grant's one lucky man.
Me - You ready to be Rylie Anderson?
Rylie - YesOh god, I love the sound of that. It sounds.. right. Ya know?
Me - Yea I know.
I do tooWhen I was with Shawn, I remember thinking the same of the name Hayley Berk, though for me it was a fantasy of "maybe someday."
We head to the stairs and Layla goes down.
I listen and wait to reach the bottom, then follow.
We all turn as Rylie ascends down the steps.
Grant brushed his hair so that it would go straight down.
He holds the ring up before slipping it onto her finger.
She does the same.
They clasp hands staring into each other's eyes. 
The kiss is both sweet and passionate.
Grant cuts the cake with Rylie standing close behind her new husband.
As we eat I can't help but think how different Layla looks with her hair down. I never realized it was that long and she's alot younger then I thought for some reason. She's nineteen, three years younger than Rylie, four younger than me.
With everyone, but Ian and Eathon now knowing, there no longer seems to be any point in keeping my relationship with Turner secret.
I place my arms on Turners waist as he cups my face in both hands.
Turner - I don't believe I've ever seen your hair up before.
Me - Well what do you think of it?
Turner - Beautiful, breathtaking.
He pulls me in for a kiss and I respond in kind, wrapping my arms around him and opening my mouth to his tongue without hesitation. Pulling back to catch my breath I'm about to suggest we head to his room when we hear the doorbell go off, which of course I have to get.
Me - Oh come on. I'll be right back.
I run a hand along his shoulder and down his arm my voice and touch suggestive as I pull away.
Though its been so long and he's looking away as I pull open the door I would know him anywhere. He's tan, blonde hair, perfect blue eyes with a cute line of freckles going across his nose. He looks at his hands while talking, a habit of his, and tells me that he just moved to town with a couple friends of his and wanted to great the neighborsI can't help myself and let out a laugh. My giggle gets his attentionHe looks up and I can see it in his face, he recognizes me as instantly as I did him.
Him - Hayley?
Me - Shawn.


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  2. I love Among Thieves!! wonderful post

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