Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chapter Eight

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone can not read this but if you have an issue with the ADULT subject matter remember that you where warned. ENJOY.
Again I find myself reminded of Shawn, the past boyfriend I mentioned before. Though I have had several boyfriends, Shawn was the best and the last. We would still be together. As Turner continues to stroke my hair, I wonder how such an awful and evil man can be so sweet. How the man that took me away from Shawn could act so like him.
Breakfast time :D
I think when I'm free I'll be come a chef.
I could hardly cook when I was first brought here, but you know what they say:
"Practice makes perfect" and my food is perfect.
I fail to hide my surprise as he takes a the seat next to me
I love to cook, but I hate to clean.
Not as much though as I hate a mess, so even if I weren't forced, I would cook and clean.
It's not like anyone else is going to.
I hate the laundry most of all, Adam always takes the chance to stare when I bend over to pick it up and with this short little skirt, he gets a good view.
Luckily by the time I was done gathering the dirty clothes in the entire house and loading the washer the men had left for the warehouse leaving me with Rylie. I still think she knows somehow, I have to ask.
Rylie treats me as an equal, a friend. I ask her not to tell.
Rylie - I won't... except,
Me - Except you have to tell Grant?
Rylie - Yes, I ...
Me - I understand. You can't keep things from the one you love.

At the end of the day, I take shower.
This time Turner does join me.
We wash each others.
Me - Mmmh
I sigh, content, as he runs his hands over my back and shoulders and kisses my neck. 
Facing each other we kiss before turning off the water and moving to the bed.
He lays me down sending a tremor though me as he runs his hand though my hair, down my arm,along my back and then my leg
Me - Ooohh.
Turner - Just lay back, relax.
He whispers in my ear, then nibbles the lobe. He kisses jawline moving down to my neck, collarbone. He pushes my hair to one side reaching my breast and envelops it in his mouth kissing it, another kiss, and again. Gently he bites, pinching the nipple between his teeth.
Me - Oh god!
I arch my back feeling an immense surge of pleasure and he lifts his head to look at me.
Turner - You like that?
 Me - YES!


  1. yowza.... I can't wait to see how she implements her plan and gets free.


  2. I agree with Ashby! I can't wait to see what happens next!


  3. I also cant wait for the next chapter

  4. when will be there next chapter? will you tell me when its out, or atleast talk to me >.>

  5. Love it!!
    Can't wait to click on the next chapter ^_^
    ~Taylor Smith~ (From Sims 3 Group)

  6. Hayley sees Grant as sweet now! She doesn't know it, but he has caught her heart too!

    I'm glad that she and Rylie have become friends.

  7. It's good that she has Rylie to confide in. Another girl is great for that. I was curious about something last chapter though, Hayley was able to leave the house to go dress shopping did she not see that as an opportunity to escape then? She was free from those people and had a chance to run. I'm wondering why she didn't. Could Turner be keeping her there now?