Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chapter Nine

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone can not read this but if you have an issue with the VERY ADULT subject matter remember that you where warned. ENJOY.
I finish taking the trash out and am about to head back inside when Layla comes running out. It's obvious she's been crying.
Me - Whoa, what's wrong with you? What's your problem?
Layla - Adam. I hate him! He's awful, the monster. He... 
She's cut off, unable to speak as she bursts into tears. He what? Even I don't call him a monster. What could he have done?
Me - He what? What's going on?
Layla - What do you care? 
Me - You clearly need someone to talk to and who better then me? I mean cause who would I tell? No one would listen to me, I'm just the slave.
Layla - You're right, he probably wouldn't care if I told you
She holds back at first but then the truth just pours out ,I can't believe what shes telling me. He's so much worse then I ever even thought. 
Me - I'm sorry.
Layla - I don't need your pity.
Me - That's not what I meant though that too. I, I misjudged you, I was wrong.
Layla - I've mistreated you too. I'm not really like that Hayley, I used to be but I've changed, really. I've just been angry with my situation and you're an easy target to take it out on.

Days later

The house clean, I hide in my room knowing I'm alone with him, and now knowing what I know.
I strip down so as to wash my own clothes thinking, hoping, that he wouldn't come in here.
If only.
Adam - Well, well. Were you excepting me or something honey-doll?
Until my talk with Layla I hadn't been worried about it, I mean he's never actually tried anything before, but then I don't ever remember being completely alone with him before. Even having worried he might come, his sudden appearance startles me making him smile as he moves closer.
Before I can do anything, he's behind me twisting my arm behind my back making me whimper.
Adam - I overheard an interesting conversation recently. Did you realize my room is next to Grant and Rylie's? 
He laughs and wrenches my arm harder, making me cry out in pain.
Adam -  I saw you with Layla, it's so much easier with her. 
He turns me around and pulls me close with enough force my head snaps back.
Adam - You know what I used to like about you?
Me - My body?
Adam - That too but no. You knew your place, but now it seems you should be reminded.
I raise my head and spit in his face.
Adam - Bitch! 
He slaps me.
 Me - You've been holding back.
He's never hit me so hard, my face is throbbing and I fight to hold back tears.
He shoves me towards my bed.
My knees hit the bed-frame giving out and I go down. 
I can't move, he's so fast I don't get the chance to before he's on top of me pinning my arms above my head.
Me - I knew you were a creep, but I didn't think you where stupid. You know about my relationship with Turner and you think you'll get away with this? 
Adam - Turner? He lets you call him Turner?You sneaky little minx. You're manipulating him, that's why he doesn't want it know this time around. You do know about the others? You're not the first slave he's taken to bed, though probably the first that it was your idea.
Me - I don't know what your talking about. Manipulating him? Do you think he's stupid? That he wouldn't see right though that?
He laughs
Oh shit!
Adam - NoDo you?
Shit, shit, shit. No, I don't. SHIT!
Me -  Oh Fuck!
Adam - Well if you'd shut up.
Really? Did he really just say that? I start to open my mouth to ask but he covers it with his free hand shaking his head and I am no longer able to distract him. 
Adam - As much as you protest verbally, physically you're not putting up much of a fight. 
I try to bite his hand, but his hand pressed too hard against my mouth for me to. 
Placing his knees between my own he uses them to open my legs and begins to force into me repeatedly. It hurts. The pain increases with each thrust making it harder and harder for me to hold back tears but I refuse to let him see me cry. Removing his hand, it's replaced with his lips. Perhaps seeing the sudden devious glint to my eyes, he is smart enough not to force his tongue though my clenched teeth.
Once done he leaves. I lie unable to move for a time, numb. Eventually I sit up pulling my legs close. I put my head on my knees and finally allow my self to cry. I don't know how long I stay like this before I hear the subtle creek of the door across from me.
Turner - Hayley I wa... Hayley? What's wrong?
I lift my head to look at him, my face red and puffy. Opening my mouth to tell him, I'm instead overcome with a new wave of tears. He knows, I see the realization come across his face just before my vision blurs. He crosses the room sitting next to me.
Still somewhat numb, I'm limp as he pulls me into his arms and holds me while I continue to cry. 
He's so sweet and comforting, but how real is it? I don't know why, but I decide to tell him Layla's story. 

(Now we go back to a few days before to what happened between Adam and Layla and hear her conversation with our dear Hayley.Layla's P.O.V.)      

My relationship with Ian started as just someone to hook up when I needed a good hard roll in the sheetsI won't deny that, but that's the thing. It started that way.
Layla - Don't touch me!
Adam - Oh come on sweet lipsI was hoping we'd have some more fun.
Layla -  No. No, not again. You ruined everything. We could have gone to my place or at least your room, but no it had to be down on that couch where and when you knew Ian would find us. Somehow you know I really care about him.
He laughed at me.
Adam - Then why'd you do it? 
Layla - You know why and don't act like you don't.
He smiled and grabbed me. I stared into his eyes and he chuckled, I would almost have called it hearty, if I thought he had a heart.
Then he pulled me closer so that our faces were almost touching and I could feels his breath. He spoke sternly and coldly 
Adam - Why do you seem to think then that, that reason's no longer there? 
That's when my eyes started to water. 
Layla - No. Whatever you want.
And then got this devilish grin. 
Adam - Beg. On your knees.
Layla - I'll do whatever you want, just please don't. Just leave him alone. Please! 
 Smiling he bent down and kissed me then standing, undid his pants. I started to stand to lower my jeans, but he shock his head and put a hand on my shoulder to tell me to stay down. I understood, I mean it's no secret that I'm not exactly little miss innocentI've done it before. So I did it, hard and deep, hoping the more I pleasured him the sooner he would be satisfied and I could stop. After awhile he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to my feet before shoving me away and letting me go.
Adam -  There now, you can leave if you wish but we'll see each other again soon enough.

(Now back to Hayley)

Turner - I don't believe this. I know I may not be the best person, but I've made it clear to you anything we do is entirely you're choice. I would never even think to force myself on a woman
Me - I know.
Turner - And he may not physically force Layla like he did you but...
Me -  But he's coercing her and consent under duress isn't consent
Turner - Hmm. It seems you have a bit of a legal mind.
Me - My father was a lawyer before he died.


  1. (O_O) Oh My!! Poor Hayley! This shows a new side of Turner, a sweeter side. :)

  2. Love it. Cant wait for the next one

  3. I think she is starting to falllll fooorrrr himmmmm.... (Hayley for Turner)

  4. This was a first, a story of such disrespect...I like it a lot can't wait to see what happens next. I want to learn to do the poses so badly. I think it would help my stories out a lot...Great Story!
    Ms. Therapy

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  6. Tears in my eyes! Poor Hayley and Layla!
    I hate that Adam! He had contempt for everyone, especially women! He thinks he can use them in any way that he wants.

    I hope he pays soon!

  7. Wow! Adam needs to die. I can't believe he could do that! And Layla...I can understand why she is the way she is a little more having to deal with Adam in this situation. But really, even after what she said about Turner I can't believe that he still did it. He has no shame. Poor Hayley.