Friday, September 2, 2011

Chapter Seven

This chapter doesn't really need the full rated "M" warning, but there is some language that some may not care for. :p
I can hear my master's voice whispering softly in my ear, waking me from my sleep and coaxing me from my dreams of sweet freedom.
 Turner - Hayley...
Me - hmm?
I open my eyes, throwing a quick glance to the clock across the room before fixing them on him and give him a slight smile.
Me - Good morning, Turner.
Sitting up, Turner pulls me into a kiss while keeping an arm wrapped around me and my hand in hisNearly each moment makes me more sure that my plan  is workingI have little doubt at this point that he is falling for meThe way he has acted, at least while we are alone, has changed. He doesn't grab my hands like he did that first timeNo longer does he need to be in controlWhen we are alone, it is almost as if we are equal.
Me - I'm going to take a shower.... care to join me?
Turner -No, that's fine.
Me - Alright.
While I shower, we talk calling back and forth though the open glass door.
Turner - Why don't you put on that dress of yours? I wish to see it.
Me - You'll see it when they have the wedding.
Turner - Is that a no then? You know what I meant.
Me - If I put it on, you'll just take it off
Turner - Ha-Ha! You make that sound like a bad thing.
Me - You might rip it.
Turner - I won't.
I come out wearing the dress to see him fully clothed as well, which was good.
Me - Well? You wanted to see it, so how does it look? He looks me over, then stares at me.
Turner - Beautiful.
He runs his hands though my hair and down my arms.
Taking my hand he started leading me back towards the bed.
Me - Turner no, the dress.
 Oh shit! I start to pull away but he doesn't let me. Gripping my arm in one hand, he presses the other to the  my back pulling me towards him.  Did I just say no to him? His voice is slightly stern.
Turner - Did you just say no to me?
He laughs and I relax just a little.
Turner - Just sit with me
Sitting on the bed, Turner pulls me close.
Placing a hand on my chin, he pulls me in for another kiss. After he closes his eyes, I let a devious smile cross my lips for a moment before they are pressed against his.
He lounges back and I rest my head on his stomach.
He holds my hand in one of his while the other strokes my hair. When I said no to him, I thought right away it was a mistake and then I'll admit his reaction scared me. I was worried for nothing. He can be so sweet when he wants to be. We just lay there for awhile talking while he continues to stroke my hair. We talk about too much for me to give every word, but I now have no doubt in my plan.
He may be the king of thieves, but I have stolen his heart.


  1. Awe!!!! They'll make a cute couple! :3

    ~Dawn Turner

  2. WHAT HAPPENED TO...umm...ehh... THOSE PHOTOS!!

  3. love it they do make a wonderful couple

  4. He cares about her now, but it's not enough to let her leave. The question is when he gives her the choice, will she want to leave. I don't think so!

    I love this story!

  5. Hmm it seems like Turner really does care about Hayley. I wonder if she could ever ask him to just release her or if she will have to continue trying to win over his confidence first. He was pretty tender with her when he knew she needed it. It really makes me curious about how he got into his line of work now.

  6. 'He may be the king of thieves, but I have stolen his heart'
    Love that line