Friday, December 23, 2011

Chapter Twenty Two (Part 2)

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone cannot read this, but if you have an issue with the adult subject matter remember that you were warned. ENJOY.
(Still Adam's P.O.V.)
I sit on the couch pulling Kiara down with me, holding her tightly and kiss her intermittently. 
He father never stopped drinking, not long enough to get her back. It had been three years, she called me in tears,crying so hard I couldn't understand her. I went to her and getting there saw her gorgeous fiery red hair turned blond, her foster families latest effort to change her. I held her until she stopped crying, wiping her tears and kissing her face.
Then I carried her to the bed. That was the last time we had been together.

  Suddenly I am overcome with the memory and with desire. In one fluid motion I sweep her  up and move across the room,lifting her onto the dresser,pressing her against it.
Adam - I want you.
She seems nervous, hesitant.
Kiara - It's been so long.
Adam - To long, my love, to long.
Kiara -Yes, to long. 
I undress her before stepping away. Locking the doors I let my own clothing slip off. Wrapping an our around her I pull back to me.
She throws her head back moaning as she takes me in. I focus on her, on her pleasure. 
Kiara - Oh ,dear god,Adam.
Bodies still locked together I lift her from the dresser.
She takes control as we fall back onto the bed and it is my turn to moan.
She is beauty and perfection and I can't help but watch her, as she drives me wild.
Adam - Oh yea,oh yea,oh yea, that's it. 

Again my thought spiral back, back to that last time. We had fallen asleep in each others arms.
Adam - Did you hear something? 
Her foster parents found us together. They had never liked me and had tried in vain to come between us before but that was it for them.
Now looking down at her I can't help smiling, thinking how lucky I am to have her again. I have her back and I won't let anything or anyone take her away from me.
Adam - I can't believe they're doing this. How can they even do this? You're only their foster child, they can't send you away.
Kiara - Apparently they can because they are.
They shipped her off to some school somewhere. They didn't tell her were she was going exactly so that she couldn't tell me. So that I couldn't follow. 
Adam - No, they can't do this, I can't lose you. You're all I have. Don't go, I love you.
Kiara - I love you too. I have to, I don't have a choice.
We both cried as we held,thinking it would be the last time we would ever see each other. I'm not ashamed to admit that, I was never one to hide my emotions, I was hurt, heartbroken, so I cried. 

Kiara - We should just run off.
Adam - What?
Kiara - You laughed when I suggested it when we were younger, and I was half joking then but I really mean it this time. Lets run away together. 
Adam - Where would we go? 
Kiara - I don't know,I was renting a place before but its probably taken now, but anywhere better then here right?
Adam - No.
Kiara - No?
When I turned eighteen to my surprise my father didn't try to kick me out but I left anyways, anywhere was. I lived in a car somewhat of a friend had given me for my birthday, we weren't close,they had gotten a newer one themselves and didn't think much of it.I lived that way,out of my car, for a few yearsIt was during that time that I first started stealing, picking pockets mostly, to be able to get enough food to make it though another day. Before I would have been appalled of the idea even while realizing the necessity of it but after she left I lost all feelingI had truly meant it when I said she was all I hadI had no real friends, no family except my dad and he didn't count, and no home. Without her in my life I just didn't care anymore, about anything or anyone. I was unable to and it turned me cold and emotionless eventually to the cruel man I've become. Eventually Turner found out about me, he makes it a priority to know of all the thieves in his area, I guess he watched me for a while, he saw I was skilled, offered me a spot among his thieves.
Adam - If we left we'd have no were to go. I've lived on the streets, I can't do it again and I most certainly don't want that for you. It may not be ideal but I have everything we've wanted here. We have a roof over a heads and food everyday, things we wouldn't out there. Beds at night and a safe place were we can be together and no one will hurt us. They won't touch me, not less I fuck and do something to deserve it.
I take her face in my hands.
Adam - And you, I won't let them hurt you. And if anyone else tries to,anyone not with them, not part of all of this, they will protect you just as fiercely as I will. As I said, I know its not ideal and I don't like it but staying here really is whats best for us. 
Kiara - But...
She stops short trying to this of what she wants to say.
Kiara - And that awful woman, she knows about us and she wants to keep us apart.
Adam - Goldie?
I use the old Weston Valley nickname for Hayley, though older then her we also grew up in the town and everyone knew of the spoiled rich golden haired little... of Hayley Thomas.
Adam - She's not so bad as she seems. I'd be more upset if she didn't want us apart, as it is, shes trying to protect you.
Kiara - Protect me, from you? That's insane.
Adam - No, she only seems me as the villain,because thats what I've been to her, she knows about us but she doesn't realize who you are,she thinks I'm just toying with you. I want to tell them.
Kiara - I thought you said it was better if they didn't know.
Adam - I thought it was but she'll let us be if she knows and as for the rest of them, your foster family made you hide your past, I saw how much it hurt you and I can't do the same. 


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