Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chapter Nineteen

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone can not read this but if you have an issue with the adult subject and imagery remember that you were warned. 
Laura's words kept repeating in my head. Could I be pregnant? I head to the hospital to find out for sure. I don't trust those home tests and I want a professional opinion. 
I head into town, I had told Turner about Kitty and the three of us are meeting upI'm meeting her first and he'll be there a little later. Though I told them, this will be their first time meeting. Walking in, I hug Kitty. She was actually not surprised to learn that I've gone back, I didn't realize I was that predictable, but maybe she just knows me that well. That her birth mother was his sister, however, now that surprised her. She had always known that she was adopted and all her parents knew about it was that there was no father involved in the adoption, but she was never interested in finding out more. She assumed her mother didn't want her, used to tell me she wanted as much to do with her mother as I do mine, so image her reaction to all of this. Seeing them together I can't help but marvel at how much they look alike and to wonder how I didn't realize it sooner. I mean yes when I left and when I first saw Kitty I thought right way that she looked like him but how did I know realize before that, that he looks like her? 
After staring at Kitty for a moment, Turner surprises me pulling out a bunch of flowers.
We all sit and talk and just generally hang out and then I get a phone call
Me - Hello. 
 Kitty - I should get going.
I hug her goodbye, telling the person on the phone to hold on a minute.
Kitty - This was fun. See you soon?
Me - Definitely. 
 Me - Yes. Really? Thank you.
I hang up, smile on my face.
Turner - What was that?
Me - I was just informed that I got into law school at the University.
Turner - Oh?
Me - I'll probably become criminal defense, or maybe private law, certainly not prosecution though, with my life. We both laugh.

Later back at home my phone goes off yet again. The hospital, my test results.
Me - Hello? Yes. Okay. Thank you.
Hanging up I run to the bathroom and throw up.
Turner - Something wrong?
I just sigh as I sit on the edge of the bed.
He sits up next to me, pulling me into his arms as I leaned into him closing my eyes.
Turner - What is it Hayley? Tell me what's wrong.
Opening my eyes, I look up at him.
Me - I...
Turner - Hmm?
Me - I'm pregnant
Turner - That's whats upsetting you? 
Me - I know I should maybe feel better about this but...I don't know, I just got into law school and even if not for that I'm still really young. 
I close my eyes again, a failed attempt to fight back the tears I know are flowing down my cheeks.
Me - And... and I can't stop wondering, what if...what if...
My voice brakes, cutting me short.
Turner - What if it's not mine?
I nod though tears, unable to speak
Turner - When you talked about going back to that old boyfriend, you said you did everything to change how you felt. You meant you slept with him? 
Again I just nod and then pull myself out of his arms standing, and take a few steps away before looking back at him a moment.
Turner - I had assumed as much.
Looking away again I hear him stand from the bed.
Turner - You think I care? It's as you said, you belong with me.
His arms wrap around me again and again I lean into him.
Turner - We belong together Hayley, nothing will change that. No matter what, I love you.
I slides his arm down so that his hand is on my stomach.
Turner - Both of you
Me - I know that. And I know it's possible the father is Shawn, he's a good man, what really upsets me, when I found out I might be, counted back and what really has me upset more then anything is, he might not be the only other possibility.
Turner - Adam.
I can feel his body stiffen as he speaks releasing me and stepping away.
Tuner - I'll kill 'em! I should have then. I wanted to. 
Me - No.
Turner - I'd have thought you'd be glad to be rid of him.
Me - I don't want anyone dying because of me, not even him. You've already punished him and he's not done anything new.
This time I wrapped my arms around him.
Turner - Alright. Has I've already told him though,he even thinks of touching you again his dead. I won't let him hurt you. 
Me - I understand.
I pull my arms around him tighter,resting my head against his shoulder.
Me -  I feel better about all of this now. I should be happy about this. 
Turner - Mhmm.
Me - I'll figure out about law school, I'm going to be a lawyer just like my dad. I'm gonna be a lawyer and... and a mother.
Turner - You'll be a good mother.
Me - I know, I have you and I know you're going to be a great father.
Turner - Me, a father. I like the sound of that.
Me - Yes, you're going to be a father, and I'm gonna be a mother,as well as a lawyer.
I start to kiss his neck then whisper in his ear
Me - Seems we've got alot to celebrate.
He turns and smiles, raising an eyebrow.
Me - Just sit back.
I remove my headband as he sits, letting my hair fall around my shoulders. I shake my hair before beginning to slowly undress. Done I walk and remove his pants and boxers before climbing into his lap, caressing his face.
I run my hands down his shoulders and along his chest, and under his shirtHe raises his arms to slip the shirt over his head and take it and push him back.
I hold myself over him. 
Me - What do you want?
I quote his own past question back to him.
Turner - Nothing.
Me - Nothing?
Turner - I have everything.
Turner - I have you.
Sitting up he pulls me as close as possible and begins to kiss me all overHe continue's to kiss me, exciting me till I can't take it.
Me - EnoughI want you, now! 
Me - Just take me. Ravage me!
He does that, leaning me back and our bodies join as one. I wrap myself around him, gripping at his flesh and kiss his neck and shoulder.
Me - Owh. Harder. Yes, Turner, yesAH! Oh god. TURNER!

We lay together and I stare at him. He's perfect, I'm so luckyI wish I'd realized sooner then I did how right we are. This baby is going to be his... even if it's not.