Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chapter Twenty One

"Laura" -  It's most likely going to be any day now. I think since this is you're first and you have opted for a home birth it would be best to have you on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy.
I hear her tell Turner the same and to make sure I actually listen

Turner stays with me gently rubbing my stomach as I lay in bed for most of the next few days.

I make the bed, yet another things I still do so that she doesn't have to, and feel a sharp pain.
Me - Turner, Turner wake up.Get Laura.
"Laura" - Okay lay back and let me see. 
She turns to Turner and that act of nervousness comes back again as she struggles with what shes trying to say. I think she's afraid of offending him, smart. I say it for her.
Me - Get back and stay out of the way.
She nods slowly. 
"Laura" - Do you want anything for the pain or are you going to chose to have a natural birth? 
Me - I, I don't know.
"Laura" -You need to chose quickly, once you progress to a certain point an epidermal or anything will no longer be an option. 
Me - I can't think right now, just do whatever you find best.
I can't believe what I'm saying, but I'm really not thinking straight. I lay back breathing though the pains for a while only half aware of whats going on around me
 "Laura" looks again.
 "Laura" - Alright. It's time. You need to push. 
I hold myself up on my arms pushing.
"Laura" - Now lay back again. You need to rest between pushes. Breath steadily. 
"Laura" - And push.
Turner comes over and sits by me. Laura starts to say something, but stops short when he looks at her.
I throw my head back, screaming and grab Turner's hand. He doesn't make a sound and tries to hide it but I see him wince form the tightness of my grasp as I squeeze his hand.
I lay back again, breathing.
"Laura"- Almost there, just one more push.
She looks to Turner.
"Laura" - Do you have anything to use for a swaddling cloth and...
I wonder how much of her being nervous and shy is an act, I know its not all fake but it doesn't always seem genuine either, though more so when talking to him then me. Again I speak for her though the pain.
Me - And get it for her.
I feel him get up hesitantly, not wanting to leave my side.
"Laura" - And something to cut the cord.
I give one last big push as instructed. Laura may not like me, but she's a nurse first and she's not letting her personal opinion of me get in the way of that. 
"Laura" -  It's a girl.
A girl. I have a daughter. 
Turner and I wait as Laura cleans her up and brings her back wrapped in the piece of cloth Turner had found to use as a swaddling blanket.
Laura hands my daughter to me and I hold her up trying to figure out if I can see any of Turner in her, or anyone else. I can tell she gets her skin color from me. At least I hope its from me... Turner and Shawn are both darker. God how I hope it's from me.
Turner informed the others fairly quickly that we have a girl and a beautiful nursery was set up in no time.
They also were able to get a nice warm onesie and an actual swaddling blanket.
I hold her as I sit in the comfy arm chair and Turner stand as we start to talk names. We're having trouble find one we both like sadly.
Turner - Virginia? 
Me- NO! No, no, defiantly not. No.
He looks at me strangely.
Me - Virginia is my mother's name.
Turner -  Oh. Okay then, not Virginia. What about... hmm.
Me - What about, Natalie?
He smiles.
Turner - Natalie? Natalie, I like it.
I look down at our little girl.
Me - What do you think of that, Natalie?
She makes a cute little cooing sound. 


  1. Aww! Oh, I hope Natalie is Turner's! PLEASE let it be Turner's!! I know she'll be so cute if she is his :3

    Vanessa Wood

  2. Natalie is just so cute! I know she's Turners', I just know it! ^_^

    ~dawn Turner

  3. Natalie is just so adorable. I liked the onesie. I'm really glad that Laura put aside her resentment of Haley and really helped her with the baby's birth.

  4. I'm all caught up! I'm enjying this story so far. It's really interesting that Hayley decided to go back to Turner, even though she was back with Shawn. I guess her feelings changed, and Turner is the one she really loves. Now I'm wondering who's Natalie's dad is though. I hope it's Turner!

    1. Thanks for reading Tommie but um, you have three more posts to go before you're all caught up. In fairness though, there were only two more when you posted that comment.