Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chapter Twenty

I snuggle into Turner, feeling his warmth and hold him, pulling myself as close to him as possible. Despite the comfort of his presence I can't asleep. The question keeps coming to my mind; "What if it's not his?"
Awhile later I give up trying to sleep, so I decided to head out into the main room. I find out that the shower is broken so I decided  fix it. I have nothing better to do. 
Laura comes in to help mop the puddles of water in the floor while I try to stop the spraying water from the spicket. She constantly complains, she doesn't even know how good she has it compared to what I had to go through.
Me - When you're done I need to talk to you.
Laura - Um,okay.
After getting the bathroom taken care we both head upstairs to her room.
Laura - So what did you want to talk to me about.
Me - It wasn't stress...
Laura - What, no offence but um, are you sure?
Me - I went to the hospital and got a pregnancy test. I'm pregnant.
She looked at me nervously.
Laura - May I?
Me - Sure.

Once again sick to my stomach, throwing up my breakfast, I find myself in the bathroom. Morning sickness is a bitch.
I lay back on the bed trying to let my stomach settle after throwing up. Turner lays next to me running a hand along my arm.
Turner - Are you alright?
Me - Yeah, just morning sickness. It sucks but it's perfectly normal.
Turner - If you're sure.
Me - I'm fine Turner. If it will make you feel better I'll talk to Laura about it alright?
He knows I'm teasing but still tells me it would. 

Turner brought home a couple pregnancy books and we read them together. I wish I knew for sure that the baby is his. I don't know why, it doesn't matter. His or not it will be raised as such. 

Me - Turner, it's kicking.
He smiles at me,placing a hand on my stomach to feel.
Turner - Is there anything I can do for you?
Me - I'll be alright. 
I wince stretching, my back sore and he rubs my shoulders and back.
Me - Mmm.
Turner - Better?
Me - Yes.

I've been taking full advantage of having a nurse in the house and visit with Laura regularly. Unfortunately today she had to complain about everything and even ended up telling me I'm a bad person.
Me - You have no idea how much I've done for you.
Laura - For me? You mean to me.
Me - No, for you. I told you before I used to be were you are. Think what you will about me but I have done everything to make sure you have things better then I ever did. All you have to do is clean. I still do all the cooking, I still fix everything, because after six years I've gotten good at it but you have no idea how many times I almost died fixing things and I make sure you don't have to do that. You have an actual bedroom thanks to me, were as it took me almost a year just to get a bed, and that outfit you always complain so much about, thats nothing compared to what I was made to wear. 
 Laura - And this is supposed to change my opinion of you why? That doesn't make up for anything. 
Me - I'm not trying to make up for anything, I just don't want you to go though everything I did. Slave or girl were the better things I was called, I call you by name.
She look me in the eyes and there is suddenly a slight hint of deviousness. 
Laura - No you don't.
Me - Yes, I call you Laura. Thats the name you gave me.
She smiles.
Laura - I lied.
Well I wasn't expecting thatShe seemed so sweet and shy when I picked her out. I think of asking what her name is but realize it doesn't really make a difference
Riley catches me as I leave "Laura's" room and asks to feel the baby.

My old room has been remodeled into being just a kitchen, and a very nice one at that, and the washer and dryer moved to the main room. 
I enjoy the new kitchen , cutting cheese to have some cheese and crackers.
After eating I talk to "Laura," still don't know what else to call her.
"Laura" - You're starting to get pretty big, not long now.
She then goes to talk to Turner about something and I listen in.
"Laura"- I'm no idiot, I know what goes on here and I know you're the one in charge. Now, would you be able to um, acquire somethings from the hospital? 
Is she asking him to steal something?
Turner - Like what?
"Laura"-  Mostly pain drugs, for the birth. She know she's decided to do things here but I think it would be bestI used to help with birthing quite often and I know that natural birth is generally not preferred.
Hmm, I hadn't thought of this. It's moments like this that remind me she is smart... despite her little thing with Adam. 

"Laura" - She could still chose nature birth if she wants but this way we can have things here if not.
Turner - I see, I'm sure I can arrange something. 


  1. O.O Laura is not Laura's name? Oh my gosh! hmmmm...

    ~Dawn Turner

  2. Nooooooooo she is trying to take the baby

  3. I am a little suspicious of Laura's request for the drugs. She has bad feelings towards Haley. On the other hand, if she is a caring nurse, maybe she does just want to make it easier for Haley during the birth.