Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chapter Twenty Three (End of Season One)

This blog is rated M for Mature readers. I will not say that anyone cannot read this, but if you have an issue with the somewhat adult subject matter remember that you were warned.
I had gotten accepted to law school before but because of my pregnancy I'd had to put my career goals on hold and now that Natalie is old enough I'm registering for classes.
My little fluffy puppy is there to great me when I get home so I play with him for a little bit and its getting dark by the time I head inside.
Again I end up hiding against the wall, as I come in. I can't help thinking that he needs to learn to close the door. He runs his hand along the chain hanging from her neck.
Adam - At least this one should be more comfortable.
"Laura" - Why did you do this?
Adam - For you.
"Laura" - But why? You know they won't like it. You said they wouldn't touch you unless you did something to deserve it, what if, to them, this is something that deserves it?
Adam - I don't care. I know you hate it here, I just want to make you as happy as possible.
"Laura" -  I am happy Adam, you make me happy, just by being back in my life but I, I just don't want to see you hurt, especially if it's because of me. 
Back in her life? What does she mean back in her life?
Adam - Just don't worry about it.
"Laura" - Adam...
Adam - We might as well get this out of the way, then we can tell them and we won't have to hide.
 He gently strokes her face as he speaks. Was I wrong? As impossible as it seems does he actually care about her? No, there has to be more to this.
"Laura" - Let me tell Goldie, from what you've told me it seems like she probably wouldn't believe you.
I move into the room.  
Me - What did you just call me?
They both get up and he quickly moves to put himself between us. It's almost as if he's protecting her.
"Laura" - Hey, I was just about to come find you.
He ignores me.
Adam - Are you sure? I don't want to leave you alone with her
"Laura" - I'll be okay.
Adam - Alright my dear, I'll leave you to be. I'll see you later beautiful.
He softly kisses her cheek before finally turning to me.
Adam - I know you think I'm just toying with her, but you're wrong, you're wrong.
He walks out of the room and she sits down on the couch.
"Laura" - So, Goldie...
Me - Don't call me that. You don't even know...
She cuts me off.
"Laura" - Oh yes I do.  It's what I've always called you.You didn't know I was from Weston Valley too, did you?
 Me - Don't call me Goldie. Why is it you seemed so shy when I met you, and seem so nervous around some of the others but not with me.
"Laura" - I can be shy around people I don't know. I know you and more I know I don't like you.
Me - Why? Because I don't want you with Adam? Believe it or not that's a good thing, I'm trying to help you. You need to stay away from him before you end up getting hurt.
"Laura" - Oh, trust me, he'd never hurt me. You just don't know him like I do.
Me - And you don't know him like I  do, because despite what you may think, you don't know him at all, not the real him. 
 "Laura" - God Goldie, you really haven't figured it out yet, have you? 
Me - No, I guess I haven't. Why won't you listen, how can you not see though him, you were a nurse, you should be smarter then this.
 "Laura" - The man you saw just now, the one he is when he's with me, that's the real him. 
Me -  I am really just trying to help you,to protect you, wither you believe it or not. 
"Laura" -  You really just don't get it, when I said that you haven't figured it out yet I wasn't talking about why I won't listen. No one needs to protect me. As a matter of fact, I've been trying to get him to see that.
Me - You think he'd protect you?
"Laura" - Well He always has. He loves me. I'm Kiara.
I stare at her blankly and she smiles.Of course. I feel stupid for not seeing it before.
Kiara - I know he told you about me. Do you not believe me or something? Now that you know, will you please just leave us alone and let us be together? 
Me - He's not the same person he was before he lost you. I you realize that? We're told we can't change people and he told me he believes we can't change ourselves, so how does anyone change at all?
Kiara - We can change ourselves but only with the help of others and we change others but only if they want to change. 
Me - You think he wants to change?
Kiara -My absence from his life is what changed him and made him who he is now, my presence will change him back, and already isI know he's not the same sweet boy I met when I was twelve, but he's not this awful villain either. Anyways, he's  down there telling the others about us so I guess I might as well head down there.
I come down the stares behind her. The second her feet leave the steps she practically files into his arms and I watch as his face lights up.
I can see the love in his eyes, and wonder how I missed it ever other time I've seen them together. 
After that I head into the nursery . I scoop Natalie up off the floor and hold her close.
Me - There my baby girl. Mommy loves you. I still can't get over how fast you're growing.
I pull away and look at her, both of us smiling brightly.
With her big green eyes and black hair there is no question she's Turner's daughter.
It's getting late so I put her to bed before heading that way myself.


Now that I will be starting law school one of the upstairs rooms has been set up for me to use as an office or study. The men got me some paintings to decorate the walls. They're all from the same artist, a collection that was being being displayed locally.
The one directly above my computer is my favorite.
Across from that, behind me, is a playpen for Natalie.

I'm on my computer with Natalie playing behind me when Adam walks in.
I grab the bottle that has been cooling on my desk and give it to her before turning my attention to him.
Me - What do you want?
Adam - I wanted to talk to you.
Adam - More importantly, I wanted to talk to you alone.
Me - You and I alone.
Me - Now why is that a bad idea.
Adam - Do you think I'm stupid? The only way I would ever touch you or try to hurt you again is if I lose her because you. If that happened I wouldn't care if does kill me. And that's what I wanted to talk to you about, if you'll listen.
Adam - I wanted to ask, to beg if I have to, that you not tell Kiara what I did to you. Even as much as she loves me I know she could never get past, that I would lose her if she ever found out. And I can't lose her again, I just can't.
Adam - Please.

There is so much emotion in his voice, and in his face, love; for her, sadness, fear; of losing her, a part of me wants to give in to his pleading right now, but I'm waiting for something.

Adam - I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I really am, and not only for...that for...

He seemed to be trying to force himself to say it, his voice dropped to a whisper

Adam - for raping you, not only for that but for everything, every time I hit you, or even threatened to, every time I said something I shouldn't have, all of the things I've called you, I'm sorry. That's not me, I don't want to be that person anymore, that monster. I'm trying to change, I have changed, I wasn't myself then, not the real me, the real me went out of my way to help people, I never wanted to hurt anyone. I know it's not an excuse,I still believe that, I'm not trying to use it as one. I don't expect you to forgive me, I know you never could and thats not what I'm asking, just that you don't say anything. Please! 
I just stand here, listening to him as he says all this, and stare at him, soaking it in. He means it too, I he believes every word he's saying. He's right, that he has changed, the man standing before me, pleading with me and apologizing to me is a very different person then the one who did the things he's apologizing for
Me - Alright. I won't say anything. And while you're right, that I can't ever forgive you for that, I do believe you that you're sorry, and I accept it, and not all at once, but maybe, eventually, I could forgive you for the other things.
Adam - Thank you. Again not just for this. Mostly thank for her, I know you didn't know it at the time but still you brought her back to me, and I can no more repay that then I could ever make up for the things I've done. Thank you, Hayley.
He turned starting to leave the room.
Me - I won't tell her anything,but...
Adam - But?
Me - I can't speak for Layla.
He lowers his head putting his hands in his hair.
Adam - Shit...Layla.
He turns back.
Adam - What am I going to do?

Author's Note:
Well thats it for now. Hope you all come back for season two :D


  1. So worth the wait!!! I can't believe that you redeemed Adam in my eyes. I actually want him to be happy even after the horrible things that he has done!

    If Kiara does find out about the things that he's done, she seems to realize that it was because he was without her. If Layla and Hayley can forgive him, then I bet she will too!

    I enjoyed this chapter so much! It was definitely worth the wait. My favorite picture was of Adam begging! LOL

  2. Just read the whole season, that was pretty intense! Some of those poses you have, wow!

    It's a great story with some really deep characters. Im looking forward to what you come up with for season two!

  3. Hi Addy.
    I came across your story somehow and I want to say I love it!
    You inspired me to create my own sims 3 story which I have never dine before!
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    Thanks! x :)

  4. Goldie (hehe) is too forgiving... maybe it's good though. Natalie is cute cute.
    It will be interesting to see how Adam's future pans out.

    (Turner is just a big mush, isn't he?)