Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chapter Fifteen

Of course I noticed it right away. The hair color, eyes, the same rich skin tone. I just didn't want to believe it. But I can't deny it. Lots of people look alike though, right? It doesn't necessarily mean anything... right? After my nap, I get on my computer.
I have to know for sure
Even though I've thought of being a chef when I was younger, I wanted to be a lawyer like my father. One summer I worked as an assistant to one of the lawyers at his old firm. I used this computer.
Because of this I have access to sites and records not readily available to the public.
I quickly and easily find the sites I want. Opening the site archives, I cross-reference birth and adoption records with case files
I knew what I would findI just needed to see proof to make myself believe it. Kitty is his niece... Turner's. The baby his sister gave away.
After dinner, Sarah and I sit and talk.
Somehow, we end up on the subject of my mother. 
Me - I don't know her and I don't want toI hate her. Not like some bratty teenager, I genuinely HATE her.

Sarah - Andrew loved her though, he used to talk about her sometimes. She acted like she loved him, making him fall for her, then she just left him. Who does that to someone?
Me - Oh god!
Sarah - What's wrong?
So I tell her. Once again I retell the tail of where I have been and all that has happened. She doesn't say anything. Does she make the same comparison? Does she judge me? 
After what seems like forever, she finally speaks.
It's late when we finish talking and I head to bed.
Waking up, I make the bed.
I love showering in the outdoors. I run a hand though my hair as a gentle breeze brushes softly against my skin.
After my shower, I sink into the hot tub and close my eyes. I take in a deep breath of the clean crisp morning air and listen to the birds chirping overhead and the fish splashing in the small stream below.
While I like the idea of becoming a chef, I still really wish to be a lawyer.
Luckily there is no record of me being caught shoplifting when I was sixteen, so that little incident isn't a problem when I apply for law school. That's what I get for trying something different.
 Should have stuck to picking pockets.
Me - Rylie, what are you doing in Weston Valley?
Rylie - Nice to see you too.
Me - I didn't mean.. of course it's good to see you. 
Rylie - Alright.
Me - Is something wrong?
Rylie - I get why you left, but I thought I was your friend.
Me - You were, you are. I should have said something to you. 
Me - It doesn't matter now though.
Rylie - It doesn't? And why not?
Me - Because... because I'm coming back.
Rylie - You're coming back?
Me - Yes.
Rylie - Now?
Me - There's one thing I want to do first, then we'll head back.
I hadn't planned to. It didn't occur to me until I said it, but I am, I'm going back. I mean I should at least tell Turner about Kitty, right? Sarah asked me if I thought my mother ever felt guilty for leaving us, I said no. Then she asked why and as I started to answer, I realized her point, I said she never felt guilty because... because she didn't care about us. Maybe it's just from comparing myself to her, but I do feel guilty. Does that mean I care about him? Honestly I don't know, and I suppose that says something in its self, doesn't it? If I didn't know that, I can't truly say I don't. What I do know is that I need to find out.


  1. Hayley you may think he loves you but he doesn't love you. He's a criminal who kidnapped your for 6 years. Then out of the blue he sleeps with you and tells you what you want to hear. Don't fall into his trap RUN GIRL RUN... <3 love you Kat and I hope Hayley finds happiness even if it is with Turner... LOL :)

  2. Poor Turner, I think he dose love her. I think they will end up together and things will be diffrent. I look forward to their reunion.

  3. cOnFuSeD... haily is in love with kity and turner? and haily is going back to tell him about his long lost niece and then she drops the bomb she's not just her best friend but her true love... just when I was about to say this is boring you add some spice. can't wait for more- Addison

  4. :D I'm glad you took my opinion into consideration! Love the post, darling. simply precious!

  5. @Anonymous, she's not in love with Kitty; she just reminded her a lot of Turner so she knew they must've been related. :)

  6. I never would have guessed that Kitty was Turner's niece ....
    It was a great chapter ... a lil short tho !!! Can't wait for more !!! ;))

  7. I didn't expect that! Kitty is Turner's niece. If she didn't feel something for Turner, I don't think that she would feel so guilty now!