Saturday, October 27, 2012

Among Thieves Q&A

Obviously this isn't the latest chapter, sorry BUT  that will be along shortly. I recently hosted a character Q&A event on the Among Thieves Facebook page  where I asked readers to ask any character any question , sadly there wasn't as many questions as I would have liked but here it is all the same.

Q: Hayley, do you believe the one guy who didn't treat you nice at the beginning?
Hayley - Well, I'm not quite sure I understand, you should be more specific, but I'm going to assume you mean do I believe Adam, that he's changed or is at least trying to change and, the answer is yes.
Even if I didn't believe him when he first said so, it's been a couple years and I've scene it. He has changed, inside and out.

Q: Adam, if Laura had not come back, do you think that you would have changed, or would you have become even more violet towards women?
Adam - *sigh*  I was excepting something like that, please call her Kiara. I'm going to ignore the fact that technically that would be changing, though not for the better, and just say that, honestly, I don't know. I would like to think so, I know I wanted to, I just, I don't know if I would have succeeded  her. Let me tell you a story, I know you've learned a lot about my past but this is one important moment you missed. When I was about seventeen, we had been together just under a year I believe, we were at my house, in my room. My dad came in, mad about something, or maybe about nothing, I don't know. I told Kiara to leave, wanted her out of there before something happened, but I guess that was a mistake. When she tried pass him to get to the door he shoved her, he was just pushing her aside, to get to me, but he shoved  her to the floor and.... I snapped. I had been old enough, and big enough to fight back for a long time at that point but ,I guess I was so used to it, I don't know, I didn't care enough to, I didn't really see a reason until then. I shoved him against the wall and told him that if he ever even thought of touching her again, or me or anyone else for that matter, he was dead. Sound familiar? It's the same thing Turner said to me, the same way he reactedI told Layla, what I did to her and to Hayley  made me realize how far I'd strayed from the person I wanted to be, and it did, but really it was that moment that I guess you could call my wake up call. I've never felt so disgusted,the thought it still makes me sick, to think that I had become just like him. 

Q: Turner, do you see your self spending the rest of your life with Hayley, or is she just another girlfriend?

(Sorry, I don't have a new picture of just him lol)

Turner -  I'm not going to lie, of course there were girls before her, but I never loved any of them, and I never said I did either but even if that weren't the case, she still wouldn't be , as you said, just another girlfriend, because of Natalie. We have a daughter together, she's the mother of my child as well as the woman I love. So , yes, I do see myself spending my life with her, I hope I do.  Not only can I see that happening, its all I can see, anything else has become unthinkable. 


  1. This was fun :-)


  2. I understand Adam better now! It makes me believe that the change in him might really be permanent! The fact that the way he behaved disgusted him says a lot!

    As big of a romantic as I am, you know I loved Adam's answer! "anything else has become unthinkable." I just hope that Hayley doesn't blow it! That she really believes that he loves her.

    1. I mean Turner's answer about Hayley, not Adam's!